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I'm grateful.

I am sitting in the cafe at DTS trying to work on my paper. I'm completely overwhelmed because I have a ridiculous amount of assignments due next week. But I can't help thinking how much I love being here. As I sit here trying to get motivated to write, I can't help but overhear people praying, talking about Jesus, and sharing their testimonies - ALL AROUND ME! Where else in our country does that happen? It's moments like this that make me grateful for these years at DTS. And sometimes it makes me sad that I'm graduating.

My Baby Sis

My baby sister is stuck under the table. SO funny.
She's so precious!

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My Little Cone Head

Just thought you all might want to see this. Sammy has a sore on her nose that she keeps messing with so the vet put her in a cone... it's one thing after another these past few months! But really this is hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing my whole way home with her in the car yesterday. She tried to jump in the car and fell back because her cone hit the seat... sad but funny. It's taking some getting used to... she keeps bumping into things. We're only making her wear it when we aren't around to supervise her though. Just thought I'd share!

Oh yeah

Oh and by the way, our battle fleas... it's not over... Ugh. But we just got Comfortis - the latest oral flea medication that kills the fleas, as opposed to just being a flea birth control. We saw at least 40 dead fleas on her blanket after giving it to her. I haven't seen more fleas on her since we gave it to her Friday - a good sign. And luckily, there are still no signs of them being in our carpet. Come on, Comfortis!

MDPC Retreat

We helped with a middle school youth retreat with our church from Houston this past weekend. It was so fun to see our old friends! We hadn't seen them in so long! Brendon's dad was there also. And Tommy led worship! Julie and I also had 6th grade girls - precious!

It was so fun to see sweet friends that we rarely ever see. It almost made me want to move back...

Best New Show

The best new show on TV this fall is FlashForward. The first two episodes have already aired, but watch them free on Hulu or The third episode will air this Thursday at 7 PM on ABC. Check it out!