Sunday, December 16, 2012

Potty Training!

I recently reported that potty training was at a halt. Scratch that. On Tuesday after nap, Lil asked if she could wear her Dora underwear, which I had bought a few months back. To be honest, I was shocked that she asked. I told her she could wear them but that meant she was a big girl and needed to use the big girl potty. She basically ignored that comment, not thrilled about the idea I'm sure, and asked again for the Dora underwear. So I helped her put them on, and off she went to play!

The Trial Run

We had a date night scheduled for that night, so Lil would be at a friend's house. I definitely was not going to bring over a child in big girl panties to their house within the first hours of her potty training. So she has on her big girl panties for a total of two hours that afternoon. During that two hours, she had no accidents, but she also didn't pee period. That in itself showed me that she could actually hold her bladder and somewhat control it, and it gave me the confidence that we could actually potty train if she was legitimately interested. So I put her back in a diaper and figured if she was still interested the next morning, we would go all in for potty training!

My take-away:
  • She can hold her bladder! Though I had noticed a few dry diapers before, there wasn't consistency, so either I wasn't changing her enough to notice (possible, I guess) or she knows a difference between diapers and panties and was going often in her diaper because she could. 

 Day 1

On Wednesday morning, when Lil woke up, she was gung-ho Dora underwear, so I decided we would give this thing a good shot! I had talked to a couple of friends about potty training, read Baby Whisperer, and several awesome blog posts about potty training in three days. It worked out that this was over the holidays because we really had a very clear schedule and anything on it, I could cancel. So I made it a point for us to be home three solid days, at the least, possibly more.

My expectations going in -- A. This would take longer than 3 days. I realize there are lots of "3 day" potty training posts, but I didn't want to go in thinking Lil would be a pro by day 3. That just sounded like a recipe for disappointment. B. The first day, or two, would consist of LOTS of accidents, but that eventually it would click. This expectation helped me to be calm and stress-free through the whole process. I knew I would have a lot of pee to clean up, and I was okay with it!

I took notes for the first several days, so I could see her progress, notice any foods that might trigger a #2, note any distractions that might be linked to accidents, etc. Baby Whisperer recommends taking these notes prior to starting potty training, but when I tried this a few months back, it stressed me out. Doing it during potty training was hugely helpful to me though! See my notes at the end of this post.

So how did day 1 go? Lots of accidents! As expected. Actually starting out the day, I was asking her every 20 minutes if she needed to go potty, and it was a total battle of the wills! I ditched this method quick. I decided that I would play with her, not continually mentioned the potty, and just let her have accidents. She would figure it out! She had four accidents on day 1, but at the very end of the day, she started to pee a little and ran to the potty to finish! This told me she got it! Her first success! We celebrated!!

Speaking of celebrate, I would reward her with a sticker for a homemade sticker chart I made and a fruit rope (Clif Kids - healthier fruit roll-ups. I'm so not into candy!). This was great the first two days, and now she could care less about stickers, but I digress.

Day 1 take-aways:
  • Letting her have the accidents and then directing her towards the potty was definitely the way to go for us!
  • After many accidents, they will finally get it!
  • Dora and princess underwear are very motivating and worth spending a little extra on.

Day 2

Day 2 actually looked pretty similar to day 1 - three accidents, ending the day with one successful pee on the potty on her own! (Completely on the potty this time.)

We are still sticking with diapers during nap and night (forgot to mention that), and she pooped in her diaper during nap. Booo. But she'll get it!

On day 2, I sought advice from another mom friend Alina, and I loved what she had to say! She basically carved out three days to stay at home with Gracie and to stay within 5 feet of her all day! (Moms know that staying within 5 feet is totally different than just staying at home, which is what I had been doing up till now.) She wanted to be sure that when Gracie had an accident, she was there to catch it, say "You need to tell mommy you need to go potty," and then put her on the potty. I LOVE this method because it teaches the kid to tell you to go potty and to listen to their bodies, rather than depending on you to help them figure out when they need to go, as with the asking-them-every-20-minute-method. I am hopeful that this will be the case and that she will tell me or another adult that she needs to go potty when we are not at home, though we will find out in the next few weeks!

Day 2 Take-aways:
  • Despite the fact that we have THREE toddler potties (Hand me down, blogging, gift), Elmo seems to be the only one motivating enough to go in at the moment. We will have to work on that, but for now, whatever works.
  • I have seen many times to increase their liquid intake during potty training so they will have to pee more and therefore have more opportunities to learn. It's really hard to get Lil to drink more. So we will just go with the opportunities we can get.

Day 3

Day 3 was tons better! She really seemed to "get it." She basically had one accident and a dribble, two successful pees on the potty, and one successful poop on the potty! Also Lilleigh was telling me that she needed to go potty. Sometimes she would just say aloud, "Elmo potty," and run over to the potty, but she was still acknowledging aloud that she needed to go.

She pooped in the potty! Her motivation? A bag of goodies I have from party favor bags and the dollar store that she got to choose a prize from. It's been a big motivator for us!

She got a playhouse for an awesome three first days of potty training... and because I happened to find it for $30 - a steal - on Craigslist around the same time. Here she is playing in it with Daddy.

Day 3 Take-aways:
  • Hang in there and they will get it!
  • Teaching kids to recognize their bodies' signals and to voice that is important and totally doable.
  • Having a special treat bag just for poops (different from pees) is a great motivator for Lil!
  • The whole "potty train in 3 days" thing is sorta legit in that they will recognize the sensation by the third day, most likely, and start using the potty often, but there's still a lot of potty training still to be done! 
Day 4 

I went ahead and continued to take notes on day 4. She had two pee accidents on day 4, one being in her new playhouse, which was a significant distraction. I don't see these accidents as set-backs but as part of the potty training process.

A friend asked if I ever got mad at her for having accidents. Absolutely not. It's part of potty training. Just expect them and roll with it.

On day 4, we also had a birthday party. I tried to get her to go potty before we went, but she hadn't quite figured out the whole "on command" thing yet. I fully expected an accident at the party. But no. She was dry from 10 AM to 1:40 PM. Water, pizza, ice cream, and all. This girl can hold her bladder if needed!

Day 4 Take-aways:
  • Again, this girl can hold her bladder! I do wonder how she will do when she has to actually use the potty seat we put in the car (Yes, toddler potty in the car.) or in a public place. I'm a little nervous, but again just going with it. I am thankful to be at home with her and able to be the one fully potty training her, staying home with her while we figure it out, and let her ease into the public setting. 

Day 5

I don't have notes from day 5 to share, but so far, no accidents. And she has now gone pee twice on the potty on command. It's really cool to see the little milestones each day!

Day 5 Take-aways:
  • Oooh, going on command! If we can juggle this and the battle of the will issue, then it will be much easier very soon to go out! Until we get that down, I'm just expecting accidents when we go out.

Below are my notes. The yellow are the accidents, and the pink, the successes. You can see how we go from mostly yellow to mostly pink by the end of four days.

Photo Dec 16, 2 20 56 PM

Photo Dec 16, 2 21 08 PM

I am sure I'll have lots to add as we start to venture out more this week, travel to visit family, and tackle public restrooms and even the toddler potty in the car. But so far, so good! I'm hopeful!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lilleigh at 22 months

Lilleigh is 22 months! Here's a little about Lil this month...

Lilleigh loves...
  • Her baby dolls, tucking them into bed (which is usually the oven to her kitchen), and pushing them in the stroller.
  • Her new gold shoes. Such a girly girl! 
  • Singing "Jesus Loves Me."
  • Her favorite books are Fancy Nancy books, Llama Llama books, The Beginners Bible, Go Dog Go (the short version, thank goodness!), etc. If you ask her, "Do you like my hat?" she will say, "No I do not like your hat." (Thanks to Go Dog Go.)

Lilleigh dislikes...
  • Well apparently she dislikes a lot of things. "I don't like it" is her new favorite phrase.
  • I'm sure she has other dislikes, but none come to mind at the moment.
Her sizes...
  • 24 month/2T. Some 18 month still.
  • Size 6 toddler shoes.
  • She's become a little bit of a pickier eater. Not terribly, but compared to before. I think it's an act though. I know this is the age that the pickiness can start, but I think she just enjoys saying she doesn't like something.
  • Her favorites: Milk, humus, berries, bananas, oats, cheese, apple sauce. The same ole stuff.
What has she learned this month...
  • She can now say Isaiah 6:9 with motions.
  • Lilleigh loves to sing Jesus Loves Me, and she is pretty good with the words and tune.
  • About a week ago, she had a verbal spurt and is now stringing together longer sentences! Last month I reported that she was saying 3-4 word sentences, and that was very new and only happened sometimes. Now she can say many words together and convey what she wants really well.
What we have done this month...
  • Great Wolf Lodge, see above.
  • The Arboretum. I got a membership for my birthday, and we are loving it! The photo below with Lilleigh running through the gardens was taken there.
  • We went to Houston for Thanksgiving and saw lots of family. 
Also of note...
  • Since our trip to Great Wolf Lodge, Lilleigh has brought it up at least once a day, every day. She tells us all about the yellow slide she went down with Daddy, the blue slide where she spun around and Momma caught her, the lazy river, how it was a little cold. The girl has a crazy good memory. And she asks to go back to Great Wolf Lodge daily, so guess what we will be doing again in 2013!! This time we need to get some friends or family to come with us!
  • The potty training is at a halt. I decided having a child out of diapers doesn't look so glamorous if I am going to have to ask her if she needs to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes for the next year. So I will wait until she tells me she's ready. I am still giving her lots of praise and stickers each time she uses the potty though!
  • Lil had her first full out temper tantrum last week. She didn't want her hair in a pony tail. Totally warrants a tantrum, right? My goodness. How dare I.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lil reciting Isaiah 9:6

It's amazing how easily Scripture is impressed upon the hearts (and tongues) of little ones!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


We spent Thanksgiving in Houston and enjoyed time with family!

Lil loved Mary's cat!

Us with Mimi at Thanksgiving lunch
Fun with Tita. Lil didn't want to put down that baby bottle!
Tarryn, Connor, Ryan, Larry, Brendon, Lilleigh, and me

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! We have lots to be thankful for!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mom's Day Off, Hideaway Chicken, and Our Getaway

A lot has happened since I last posted! So I'll hit the high points.

My Mom's Day Off...

For a late birthday gift, Brendon gave me a "day off!" While I love spending my days with sweet Lil, being the mom of toddler can be draining. A day off was just what I needed! I admit that I didn't use my afternoon as intentionally as I should have. (Errands were a bad idea. What was I thinking?) But the morning was fabulous! I met up with one of my best friends and shopped! I can't even remember the last time I met up with a friend to shop. College, maybe? Super fun! Then I met Brendon and Lil for lunch at Chipotle! It was so fun to get to meet up with them and then say "see ya!" ;)

A little chicken update...

The other night Sweetie (our sweet, hence the name, black chicken) went missing. I was devastated (She's totally a pet at this point), thinking a hawk got her. I looked everywhere. Even in neighbor's yards, our garage, the bushes, the alley. Oh I was so sad. This is the chicken that when she was frightened one night, so willingly let me scoop her up and hold her as I escorted her to the coop. Sweet thing.

Well, wouldn't you know that the next day when I went to the garage to do laundry, I heard a squawk. She had been hidden on a high shelf in our garage! Sweet chickie-dee! Thrilled she's safe!

In other chicken news, we may have another rooster. Go figure, right? The tail to our currently nameless chicken (Good thing I'm not attached) is starting to swoop... just like rooster tails do. I haven't heard cockadoodling yet, so we'll wait on this. But we may have a chicken dinner in our future!

Our Getaway...

This past weekend we took a little family getaway to Great Wolf Lodge. The fact that it's only a 30 minute drive made this an ideal getaway for us! Minimal car time, minimal gas. Lil loved the "water playground," though she didn't love the splashing, which was pretty much everywhere. Still it was totally fascinating to her. Great Wolf is a mecca for kid activities. There was no shortage. We want to take her back when she's a little older, maybe elementary age!

And lastly, check out my latest garage sale find! A rug for Lil's room! Since her room is huge, a rug was totally necessary, and until recently, totally lacking. What a find! And only $15! Wahoo!! Randi kinda has me addicted to the garage sale thing...

Saturday, November 10, 2012

We moved!

Hey y'all! Our blog URL changed! It is now Take note!

Please note: The blog looks exactly the same as it once did. I just changed the URL. And if you are subscribed, you should still get emails.

Also if I had your blog on my sidebar (or if you want to be there), will you leave your URL below? The move messed with those listed. Thanks!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Lil at 21 Months!

This week Lil is 21 months!! I know I've said this one hundred times, but seriously I enjoy her more each day. Such a fun age! She can verbalize enough for me to understand, but she can't really talk back and has not yet started to defy regularly.

Lil at 21 months...
  • She knows all of her colors! 
  • We are working on letters. Not a whole lot of progress, but we are working on it!
  • She can "count" - you know, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7. Not necessarily counting objects, but saying the numbers. Maybe she'll be more of a numbers girl since she's picked up on these before letters? (We've def worked harder on letter, for the record.) Or maybe she'll be a little more on the creative side? After all, she does know her colors - and some shapes I might add!
  • She has started speaking in 3-4 word sentences. My favorites are - "Mommy, I love you" and "Daddy, come on." Oh and let's not forget, "Daddy, scratch back."
  • Lil loves Fancy Nancy books and playing dress up! Such a girly girl! She's constantly wearing my shoes and necklaces. I'd love to throw her a Fancy Nancy birthday party, but I'm not sure what the boys would do... and I'm thinking it might be more fun for a 3 or 4 year old party, when we can have a tea party and such... something other than mad chaos! ;)
  • She loves anything she can push - baby strollers, shopping carts, lawn mowers. (All kid versions, of course.) Toy cars that she can sit in are also very exciting.
  • She was a kitty cat for Halloween and had the cutest "meow." 
  • She still loves wearing bows but now seems to also approve of pony tails and pig tails. (For awhile there, she wasn't loving those.)
  • She told me the other day that she especially loves dresses. Sooo I've been looking for some winter dresses (for play clothes) that she can wear over leggings.
  • As for the potty training, I've kinda decided to give it a rest. Our friend Maddie was showing all of the signs of being ready to potty train, yet I still see how it's a lot of work for her momma. I'm not really that eager all of a sudden. We'll wait a bit longer and take it as we go! 
  • She is still a great sleeper. Her normal bedtime is 7:30 PM, and she will normally wake up between 7:30 and 8:30 AM. Sometimes even 9. But daylight savings time has thrown her off a bit. And nap time is usually 2-1/2 to 3 hours, somewhere between noon and 4 PM. She often is very willing to nap and will start saying "night, night."

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Divided States of America

Well I'm sad to wake up this morning with a tear in my eye, rather then a skip to my step. The thing is - when I pulled up Drudge Report at 5:30 this morning to see who had won the election, I saw this:

With the headline: "The Divided States of America."

It didn't even say who won the election. I had to actually click on the article to find out. My heart was sad to read the news though. And truly it's not because more of my tax money will be going to the government to pay the insane debt or because the dollar lost value overnight or even because of the amount of people who will lose jobs over this win. Though each of these is unsettling, to say the least. I'm sad because it just shows how far our nation has strayed from the Lord and what makes Him glad.

I stole this from a friend --
I will vote for the most pro-life candidate, because God hates the shedding of innocent blood (Prov.6:17).
I will vote for the most pro-Israel candidate, because God blesses those who bless Israel and curses those who don’t (Gen.12:3).
I will vote for the most pro-debt reduction candidate, because the borrower is servant to the lender (Prov.22:7).
I will vote for the most pr
o-work candidate because God says if a man does not work, let him not eat (2 Thes. 3:10).
I will vote for the most pro-marriage candidate, because God is for marriage as defined in Genesis 2:24.
I will vote for the candidate who most closely believes government’s purpose is to reward the good and punish the evil (Romans 13).
I will vote based as close as I can on God’s Word (2 Tim.3:16), knowing that whoever gets elected, God is the one who puts all men in authority (Dan. 2:21).
I do know of a handful - maybe two - of believers who voted for Obama. It truly baffles me. It's not about Democrat versus Republican but about who will best lead our country in the ways of the Lord. (Note - I absolutely do not believe that Mormanism is Christianity. But the ethics are similar.)

All this said, I hope you know that our hope is not in a presidential candidate. Our hope is in the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. 
The king's heart is like channels of water in the hand of the LORD; He turns it wherever He wishes. (Proverbs 21:1)
This morning as I was actually looking for the Proverbs 21 verse above, I accidentally turned to Psalm 21. I was so confused because it was talking about a king who fears the Lord being blessed, and that was not the Proverbs 21:1 verse that I had remembered and was looking for. But how fitting it was that I turned to Psalm 21, speaking of a king with unwavering trust in the Lord, a king whose faith is rewarded. (If you have a moment, read Psalm 21.)

The Bible is clear that no man is king (or president) unless God has put him in that position (Rom. 13:1). I don't get the reasoning here, but I will choose to trust (Jer. 17:7-8). Over the next four years, I will be committed to praying for our government and our president because the Bible commands me to (1 Tim. 2:1-4, 1 Pet. 2:17).

Join me in praying for our country? If you want a little guidance and structure, sign up for the American Prayer Initiative.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween and Ashleigh's Birthday

For Halloween, we hosted the neighborhood block party and invited our neighborhood play group (which is HUGE, by the way) and our street! We had been a little up in the air, not sure if we wanted to celebrate Halloween (due to its evil origins), but I also happen to LOVE Halloween, which made it really difficult to think about not celebrating the holiday. Also we really view our neighborhood as a ministry, so with Halloween being such a neighborhood holiday, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to host a party for the neighborhood. And having the party at our house also allowed us to control the aspects of Halloween we brought out - pumpkins, costumes, and candy, and not ghosts or dead things.

For the party, we grilled hotdogs, and a few friends helped out by bringing drinks, chips, and desserts. Another friend even set up a little photo booth with props and such! It was super fun! I didn't do a great job of photographing the event. But here are a couple of photos.

As you can see Lil was a kitty cat, and Mom and Dad were PB&J!

And then four days later, we celebrated my 28th birthday! My dad came up on Friday to celebrate with us, took us out to dinner, and shopped with me Saturday. The highlight of our shopping would probably be the three pairs (I got a little excited.) of colorful skinny jeans we found at Gap! While he was here, we also hit up some garage sales! I found a new Camelbak hydration pack for $15! Normally around $60! Brendon had been wanting one of these but didn't want to spend the money on it, so I was pumped to have found that for him.

Then on my actual birthday, we had a few friends over to cook out. Unfortunately, I forgot about taking photos until several guests had already left. But here are a few pics of the fam, Lil and friends, and me with some sweet girlfriends.

For my birthday gift, Brendon is giving me a "day off." Next Tuesday, he will hang out with Lil for the day, and I get to have a day to myself! I'm giddy just thinking about it!! What would you do on your day off??

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Camping and Pumpkins

This past weekend we went camping with friends to Eisenhower State Park just an hour north of us. It was nice to be someplace so close! And so pretty! It actually had a beach on the lake!

And on Monday we went with two other friends (Allie & Shepherd and Katy & Maddie) to a pumpkin patch in Richardson! I was delighted to find a pumpkin patch so close! (Most are faaaar, which means little ones sleep on the way home and mom misses nap time. Not cool.) On top of being close, it's a pretty good price - for $6, we were able to go into the pumpkin patch, choose a small pumpkin, feed the goats, and go on a little hay ride. Plus there's also animals to see, a fun maze, jungle gym, and pumpkin field to run through. The kids thought this was very fun! Moms too!

As for our little family, we are hanging in there. I met with a friend this morning who went through a miscarriage last year and she directed me to a few Psalms. So this afternoon during nap time, I spent some time reading Psalms. There is really so much good stuff in there for an aching heart! A couple of things I pulled out...

This reminder in Psalm 31:19 -
How great is Your goodness,
Which You have stored up for those who fear You,
Which You have wrought for those who take refuge in You,
Before the sons of men!

And Psalm 30:11-12, which I pray for our family -
You have turned for me my mourning into dancing;
You have loosed my sackcloth and girded me with gladness,
That my soul may sing praise to You and not be silent.
O Lord my God, I will give thanks to You forever.

Over all we are adjusting to a new normal, and clearly not holding back from the fun things! Camping with friends (and our little family unit, Sammy included) was so good for our hearts. There are good days and bad days, but I am trying to hold my thoughts captive and pour out thankfulness. We certainly have a lot to be thankful for!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Glory Baby

Just a little update. Physically, I am feeling better. Still, a bit bleh, but that's 20x better than Monday afternoon. Emotionally though, I have been all over the map. Yesterday I felt fine, but then today was a cry fest. And having walked the road of grief before, I am sure there will be many days like that. It seems to come in waves.

But through all of this I have felt God's love so much. Thanks, sweet friends, for being His hands and feet - for bringing us meals, grabbing me a chai tea latte from Starbucks, picking up Lil for a play date, serving for me in nursery, sending sweet emails and texts, the list goes on... I'm so so thankful for each of you.

A friend sent me this song called "Glory Baby" by Watermark. The song is so simple and so beautiful. I can't wait to see and hold my sweet little baby one day in heaven.

On another note, our Lil baby has been sick this afternoon with a fever bug - just feeling crummy and hot. I rocked her to sleep tonight. I am pretty sure she has never let me to rock her to sleep in her life. But given the events of this week, I'll take it! I think Momma needed that rocking as much as Lil.

Sleep tight friends. Thank the Lord for the blessings He has given you.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Missing Tummy Baby

Today our sweet little Tummy Baby would have been 8 weeks old. We took this photo last week.

We hadn't post this on Facebook or the blog, yet though we had told most of our friends and family.

Today we lost Tummy Baby. It started with some bleeding, but since it was light, my midwife was hopeful and asked me to come in for a sonogram. Sadly, all that was on the screen was an empty sack, which measured 4 weeks, not 8. Since the likelihood of our dates being 4 weeks off was minimal, we assumed miscarriage. I went ahead and had blood work done, just in case. But the bleeding picked up shortly after that appointment.

Our sweet friends were watching Lil for us this morning while we went to the appointment and afterwards while Brendon and I went and sat at Starbucks to process everything that had just happened.

Like I said, we weren't really secretive about this, other than blog and Facebook worlds. I know some people think this scenario would be a nightmare, having told all of your friends and then having to untell them. But truthfully, I'm so thankful that so many people were able to experience joy with us and now are able to come along side us as we grieve. And I know that one day, because of our candidness, we will have the opportunity to comfort others in their grief. That said, the outpouring of love we've received has been really sweet. And we are so grateful.

Now that I have walked ( walking...) the road of miscarriage, I can see the fallacy in my old thinking on the topic. I think to some extent I thought that miscarriage, while sad, was just one of those things that sometimes happened on the road of childbearing. You have a miscarriage, grieve, and then eventually have more kids, if the Lord blesses you in that way. But what I realized today is that I'm not just waiting for our second child to come along, trusting in His timing. While I believe He will give us more children and I do trust in His blessings, waiting for baby #2 isn't my chief concern. My chief concern is for the child we lost today. I am confident that we will have another baby one day, but today I am grieving THIS baby.

At bed time each night, we sing "Morning Town" with Lil. In the second verse we typically change up the people in the song and put in our family's names.
Lilleigh drives the engine. Daddy rings the bell. Mommy and Tummy Baby shine the lantern to show that all is well.
But here's the thing. There's no more Tummy Baby. Tonight we swapped our Tummy Baby's name for Sammy. Lil immediately caught that, and started asking for Tummy Baby and pointing to see my tummy. Sweet girl. Daddy explained to her that Tummy Baby is no longer in Mommy's tummy but now with Jesus. Kinda abstract for a 20 month old, but we tried the best we could.

Another thing - I've been shocked at just how much a miscarriage takes the toll on the body. Today I turned down the first couple of people that offered meals, but by the end of it, I was welcoming them! A pounding headache sent me to bed when Lil took her nap. Not that I slept. Pounding headache.

I'm not complaining. Just being real. This miscarriage stuff is hard - emotionally and physically. I'm exhausted. We are hanging in there. Life with God is still good - He's sovereign, even over miscarriages. We would love your prayers during this rough season. Prayers for peace and comfort, for physical healing for Momma, and for sweet family time. We are so thankful the Lord has already blessed us with Lilleigh! What a sweet reminder she is of the Lord's goodness. She has certainly helped lessen the pain.
Behold, children are a gift of the Lord,
The fruit of the womb is a reward.
Like arrows in the hand of a warrior,
So are the children of one’s youth.
How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them;
They will not be ashamed
When they speak with their enemies in the gate.
If you have kids, thank God for them tonight. What a blessing they are.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lilleigh at 20 months!

Sweet girl is becoming a big girl before my eyes! Here's Lil this month --
  • She wants to drink from a big girl cup (no straw or spout or even lid). We compromised on a mini travel coffee cup from Starbucks. It has a lid but allows her to tilt it the way Mom and Dad do. 
  • She is sleeping in her big girl bed and napping like a champ! 
  • She has started to say her name and use it in mini sentences. "Lilleigh milk." You have to hand it to her - the girl has a hard name for a child to say! So many L's!
  • She has started calling herself a "big girl" - so sweet! 
  • Katy and I have been doing our own mom-version of MDO. We trade off taking the girls on Tuesday mornings and take turns planning and teaching them a little lesson too. We've been working on letters. We've done A-D. It's so fun to see the girls pick up on the things we teach them! I introduced them to the letter B and wrote it on a big piece of butcher paper with a crayon. Lil took one look at it and kept saying "bbba." Precious! And my favorite is that Lil knows C is for Cousin and Connor. And when I ask who her cousin is, she says Connor!
  • We have also been working on our colors and shapes and naming them as we see them. Lil first discovered the color pink and the shape star! In the last week, we have really picked up the pace with colors. She now pretty consistently knows pink, blue, green, and sometimes red. 
  • She now asks for music when we are in the car.
  • Bugs in too close proximity have nearly brought her to tears.
  • Two weeks ago, I was getting Lil's dinner ready in the kitchen when I suddenly sneezed. I heard a little voice say "bless you." I kid you not. So cute! And now she says "bless you" in response to anyone's sneeze! It's so fun to see the little things the pick up on.
  • Lil has been going to the bathroom on the potty more often. She has maybe half the signs of being "ready" (according to Baby Whisperer) to potty train. Def not all of them. But apparently before the 50's, pretty much everyone was potty trained by 12-18 months. So I think we are going to try soon! It might sound crazy, but keep in mind that we cloth diaper! ;) I don't expect this to be a walk in the park, but I'm hopeful! We'll see. 
Going to the potty is much more motivating when you have a friend.

Eating peanut butter and apples.

Homeschool with Maddie - The letter B and play dough

We found this old school Fisher-Price barn and silo at a garage sale! Collectors item and fun toy!

Another great garage sale find! Thanks, Mimi!

Lil went to a friend's birthday party at a gymnastics place. Soo fun! Lots of mats, ball pits, trampolines, and such to crawl, jump, and run around on.

And lounging on Sammy. Besties. Melt my heart.

Happy 20 months, Lil babe!