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Sharing Each Others' Burdens: Samaritan Healthcare.

Until about a year ago Brendon and I have been on health insurance through his work. For us, it was super frustrating each time we needed to use the insurance for a major medical need, like say having a baby. Tons of bills come in, and you're supposedly paying a deductible and then your insurance is covering the rest or a percentage of it. In our case, we had a high deductible, and then our insurance paid everything over that, supposedly. In the end though we definitely paid more than our deductible for each birth because insurance decided certain things weren't covered, which seemed ridiculous. And on top of paying an arm and a leg per need, we were also paying a sizable chunk to insurance each month out of our paycheck, in addition to whatever his work paid, which I believe was about the same amount. The cost was crazy expensive in our book, and it was so vague as to what was covered (and a headache to gain clarification) and how much we would really end up paying for an acc…

Ballet, standing, and some answered prayers

A new semester has started! We are in full swing with explorer school (what we call our homeschool preschool) and ballet! Lilleigh is loving every minute of dance! Mommy does too! It's through our city, and not only is the facility nicer than our last dance place, but the waiting area is more baby-friendly - clean and carpeted! 
In the photo Lilleigh has the bow.

On the note of dance, I totally have to brag on God for a moment.So I am quickly seeing a challenge of honeschooling is little to no Mommy time. We really feel homeschool is where God is calling us, so that's not a question. It's just a matter of - how do I keep myself filled so I don't run dry? I've been praying about this - asking God to help me find a regular time to work out and to find regular time for myself, whether it's reading His Word at Starbucks (dreamy) or going to Target solo, just some time each month that I can look forward to without my precious girls.
Answer #1 came last Tuesday. Since L…