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Ugh. I hate fleas, and I never want to see another one again. Earlier this month we spotted a couple on Sammy, so we bathed her in flea soap and then reapplied Frontline. Only we didn't realize that you don't get rid of fleas that quickly... it's a process. So a couple weeks later we realize she still had them. I have washed tons of blankets, slip covers, etc. and vacuumed (with flea killing dust) about 10 times in the last 2 weeks. We also treated our yard and kept her secluded from her best dog friend. Finally the vet gave us some medicine that kills every flea on her for 24 hours. Then you start anew with the Frontline, or whatever you use. Why did the vet not give us this product sooner??? Seriously! Luckily, I think the battle is over, and we have come out victorious!

But for your enjoyment, here is a picture of Sammy being defiant after one of her flea baths. She was tired of flea baths, so she went and sat in the flower bed (minus the flowers). She showed us!

Watermelon-Mint Cooler

Picture courtesy of Real Simple

Most of you all know that I LOVE Real Simple. Absolutely love it. Earlier this summer they posted a recipe for a watermelon-mint cooler. Essentially it's lemonade, mixed with pureed watermelon. I do half of each. Then you top it with mint. Simply delightful! It's really become one of my favorite things to make. It makes me feel like summer's not quite over.

I don't go exactly by the recipe, but if you would like to, their recipe is here. Enjoy!

Angel Chicken

This has become one of my favorite recipes. I am actually making it tonight!

AngelChicken 6 skinless/boneless chicken breasts
1/2 cup butter 2 (0.7 ounce) packages Good Seasons Italian Salad Dressing Mix 2 cans Golden mushroom soup 1 cup dry white wine
8 oz tub Cream Cheese
Chives and onions, optional
In a medium saucepan melt butter. Stir in salad dressing mix, soup, wine, and cream cheese until combined well. Pour over chicken in a crock pot. Cover and cook on low for 4-5 hours. I actually cook it less because I think my crock pot is too hot. Serve chicken and sauce over angel hair pasta or rice.

More of Our Colorado Trip

We truly had the best time in Colorado. The weather was fabulous. It was wonderful to escape the heat. It was also wonderful to be surrounded by such beauty - rivers, lakes, mountains, thick grass... Speaking of which, I should say that I LOVE the grass they have there. I have been to Colorado (and north of Texas, for that matter) tons of times, but I had just never noticed how amazing and thick the grass is elsewhere. So green, soft, plush... like carpet! Love it.

We stayed with Brendon's grandparents, and yes, as you saw, we brought our dog. Sammy and his grandparent's dog, Daisy, played the whole time. It was wonderful! And it was so fun to see his grandparents. They took us into Aspen and Red Stone. We played cards, went on walks, picked crab apples and strawberries, and even made apple sauce!

Beautiful skies.

A bear was stuck in a tree outside the Aspen courthouse.

We picked crab apples from his grandparents' backyard to make apple sauce!

Ice cream with grandparents. PaPa …

Our Colorado Trip so far

Since we drove, we stopped in New Mexico for the night. Sammy had her first hotel stay and received so many compliments on her behavior!

There were big dinosaurs across from our hotel. Strange. I needed a pic. You can see kind-of see them in the background.

Brendon and I in front of the river!

Brendon with his grandparents!
I was trying to get a scenic shot, but Sammy was standing there. There are some horses to the left (not in photo) that I think she wanted to herd.

Whole Foods BUY-cott

Picture courtesy of

I just got this forward and thought I would share.

Many of you have probably already heard about the BUYCOTT @ Whole Foods tonight, but just in case you haven't, here's the details:

(I asked if we were shopping from 7 PM to 9 PM or carrying signs in support of them. Ken from the Dallas Tea Party said, "both").

Begins: Tuesday, September 1 2009 at 7:00 PM
Ends: Tuesday, September 1 2009 at 9:00 PM
Location: Whole Foods Market
Address: 11700 Preston Rd., Dallas, Texas 75230

or for those of you in Collin County:
Time: Same as above
Location: Whole Foods Market
Address: 2201 Preston Rd., Suite C, Plano, TX 75093

As you may know, Texas-based *Whole Foods Market* is being subjected to a nationwide BOYCOTT by SEIU and other left-wing groups after its CEO John Mackey had the courage to speak up against the Administrations health care reform plan. They're trying to kill Whole Foods sales and oust John Mackey as CEO. [This is terrible…