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Adeline is TWOodles

Adeline is TWO! I can hardly believe it's been two years since she entered our family. I can't imagine our family without her. She brings so much spunk, energy, and laughter!

One single word to describe Adeline: Determined. She is always on the go. She gets her mind set on something and doesn't veer from the task at hand, which many times results in temper tantrums or discipline. She will be warned against a behavior (say, kicking) and then give me a look of testing and do it again. She's bold. It doesn't work for her, but one day she will figure that out. She certainly does keep me on my toes though.

This determination can be a great thing too. It worked out great for day 3 of potty training when she was set on getting as many jelly beans (for going in the potty) as possible. Since then though, the jelly beans don't seem to be as motivating, so her focus has moved on. Oy. Mommy needs to come up with better incentives. Anyone have some that don't involve ca…