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When It Doesn't All Add Up

Recent months have been hard. There's no way around it. It's been tough. I've had moments, hours, days where my anxiety has gotten the best of me. Does God even care about {xyz}? Why isn't He fixing it? I know He can; it's not beyond His realm. Is there something He is trying to teach me? Is there something I'm doing that is causing this? How can my body be failing me when I treat it so well? Though I've had some really sweet times waiting on the Lord and trusting in His goodness, too often I have succumb to the subtle seeds of fear. I've needed to be reminded of God's unfailing, always and forever love for His children.

In Joshua 3, the nation of Israel needed to cross the Jordan River. On their own, they could not cross. The waters were too deep and wide, and certainly the current was too strong. However, God told Joshua that when the twelve men carrying the ark of the covenant (God Himself) stepped into the water, He would cut off the waters of t…