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A 22-Week Pregnancy Update and Lilleigh Update!

This last week I was 22 weeks! (At this point, almost 23.) It has been so much fun to talk to Lilleigh about how she is going to be such a good big sister to her little sister!

Name: As far as a name goes, we finally decided on a name, and we have a fun reveal (for fam) in the works in the next few weeks - not sure how long it will take to make. So that is to come!

Exercise/ Cravings/ General Feeling: I have been feeling great! I've slacked off a little on working out and gotten a serious sugar craving in the last week, but I am working to get my butt back in gear. Less sugar. And back in the routine of working out. On average, I've been pretty good about working out 3x week and taking long walks with Lilleigh and Sammy throughout the week as well. Lilleigh has recently decided though that she likes to actually walk (not sit in the stroller) during our walks or to push her baby doll stroller, soooo my walks haven't been quite as much of a work out lately... Sammy and I ma…

From Easter Through Our Garage Sale!

I've been meaning to update the blog, but garage sale prep took over! Now that the garage sale is finished (see below), I have a few moments to post pics from Easter and these past couple weeks.

For Easter, RMom came to visit, and Lil loved having Mimi here. Unfortunately, I didn't get a pic of those two! But I did take plenty of pics of Lil on Easter!

We actually didn't do the Easter basket first thing Easter morning but let the Easter morning surprise be Jesus coming out of His tomb! (More on our DIY Easter tomb here.)

Then we went to church, where she got to wear her new tutu dress from Tita (So princess-like, of course she's obsessed and wants to wear it daily...) and then to lunch and came home for nap. We saved the basket for after nap.

Then we went to the Widemans' Easter party. There was an Easter egg hunt for the kids (and any adults who wanted to participate!) and lots of yummy food!

Easter was wonderful! And the next week, we went to our local fire statio…