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4 Years, Remembering Austen

Last Tuesday marked four years since Austen's death. Though his birthday is two days after the anniversary, the anniversary and the days approaching it always seem to be the hardest.

Last weekend I sat at our dining room table with Brendon, thinking about the week to come, and cried. It makes me sad to think about him being gone. In some ways, it seems like just yesterday that he was here, and in others, it seems like he's been gone forever... I've had two girls since then, and even though Lilleigh knows all about Austen, it's crazy to think she will never get to meet him.

Monday I went with a group of mommy friends and their littles to the Perot Museum, and it was a great way to lift my spirits! I have such a strong bond with these moms, as our kids were all born within two months of each other and for that first year especially we were each others' life line!

Tuesday was the actual anniversary. My sweet friend Katie G. watched my girls for me that morning, so I c…

Adeline at 7 months

This month Adeline turned 7 months! Here's a bit about Adeline this month...
She loves to roll! She will tummy to back and back to tummy over and over again as she plays with her toys.She also loves to sit in her exersaucer and walker (the sit-in kind) and play with toys as she watches what everyone else is doing. Anything involving Big Sis Lil is very fun! Lots of laughs and smiles for her big sis.When she wants to go to bed, she usually either puts her open hand to her mouth, fingers touching her lips, or puts her two middle fingers in her mouth and sucks on them, making a backwards "I love you" sign with her hand.She is petite! 30th percentile for height, I believe, and 5-10 for weight. She can still fit into some 3-6 month clothes, though she is mainly in 6 month. And she wears size 2 diapers. I was thinking she and Lilleigh would miss seasons on clothes, but I think I may go pull out the bin of clothes I dismissed because some actually may work for summer! She droppe…

Seeing Double

I have this photo of Lilleigh framed from when she was 5-1/2 months old.

And I'm a little late, but here is Adeline wearing the same angel wings at 7 months.

People often say the girls look alike. They totally do, but they're also each very distinct. What do you think?