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33 Weeks

I'm now 33 weeks... 8 months! Time has flown by! And my tummy has just ballooned... or I feel like it has anyway!

So I stopped taking pictures with fruits... I haven't really wanted to buy a spaghetti squash or honey dew or pineapple. Plus taking a picture with one might just be awkward! So to normal pictures it is.

I have been exhausted! Sleeping has become difficult. Some nights I'm restless, though thankfully I have slept for the last few.

My tummy is getting HEAVY. At the end of a long day of being active, I just want to lay in the recliner, put my feet up, and take the weight off.

I've had a few hormonal break downs... I've really been good up till now. But I think the exhaustion (sleepless nights and heavy tummy) is getting to me.

Weight gain... blah. Apparently the baby goes through a growth spurt around 32 weeks. My midwife said it happens to everyone. I'll just say that the scale definitely reflected that. Oh well. Maybe I should just embrace pregnanc…


I love Christmas! The bright colors. Cool weather. Merry music. Everyone in a good mood. Holiday parties. Gifts. Family. Friends. And of yeah, lots of great deals! ;)

But Christmas isn't something everyone looks forward to.

This Christmas will be our last to go visit family (on the actual day), as next year we'll start our own traditions. So this Christmas is a little bittersweet for us. I'm so excited to do our own thing next year, but I also want to relish in the traditions I've enjoyed up till now.
Christmas Eve morning at the Galleria, watching holiday shoppers hustle and bustle about, trying to get last minute gifts. Then going to lunch with my dad and his siblings.Our big annual Christmas Eve party.Midnight church... which has recently turned into afternoon church. Who can really stay up that late and then get up early Christmas morning?The gift unwrapping free for all at one house and then going to the next house and being expected to take turns opening gifts!G…

Baby Showers

It's been so fun getting ready for little "Brenleigh"! Here are some photos from baby showers! I had a Dallas shower, a church friends shower, and a Houston shower.

Dallas shower hostesses

A Calling to Adopt

As Christians, we are called to take care of widows and orphans. I love this story because this family is truly living out the calling to care for those who can't care for themselves. I've been thinking a lot about adoption lately. It's definitely something we want to do. And I think Scripture is pretty clear about God's heart towards orphans and His desire to have His people care for them.
Gn. 22:21-22; Dt. 24:19, 21; Ps. 68:5-6; 82:3-4; Is. 1:17; Js. 1:27

This video spoke to my heart.

Promo for "We Have Room" Documentary from David N. Watson on Vimeo.