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Happy Halloween!

Me and Austen - 1991, perhaps.


Just wanted to show off some of my fun photography skills.

Doesn't this face just melt your heart? You'd think I never take her on walks. I'm pretty sure we had already been out for over an hour that day.

24 Weeks

I can hardly believe it's been 24 weeks! Now I'm on the count DOWN - 16 to go!! Totally amazing.

Here's the latest baby bump photo update. Technically, Baby "Brenleigh" (Brendon/Ashleigh. Like Bragelina... get it?) was as long as an ear of corn last week, but this week is an egg plant... and not only am I not buying egg plant, but I had already bought corn. So corn it is!

And right after this picture was taken, I proceeded to drop the corn on the floor. It smashed. Yuck. And my dog wouldn't eat it, so I had to bend down (a surprisingly difficult task) to clean it up.

In the past several weeks, my tummy has had a little growth spurt I think! I've been hungrier more. Bending over has gotten harder - a good time to practice my chiropractor's advice and kneel down, rather than bend. And in the past week, I've been exhausted! I thought that wasn't supposed to happen again until third trimester... anyone?

Other than that, I am feeling great! I'v…

Tag I'm It.

From Cait...
1.  What are you looking forward to most about having children?  What's not to look forward to? I love kids! So much fun! I'm not as much a fan of newborns as I am little kids, so I guess I'm most excited for them to get a little older and be able to communicate, have fun, and show off their personality!

2.  What is your favorite bible verse? "Serve whole-heartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not man." -Ephesians 6:7

3.  What is the most romantic thing your husband has done for you?  I'm bad on the spot at thinking of these things. But one thing he does that I love is when he'll randomly call or email me from work and just say, "Hey can I take you to dinner tonight?" I love that.

4.  Where do you see yourself in just 5 years?Two or three kids and loving being a mom! I plan to take the NCE, get my hours, and become a Licensed Professional Counselor at some point, but I think that's more a 10 year plan!

5.  What is something you …

My New Toy

Look what hubby brought home from work for me yesterday!

Okay here's the story... A couple years ago, when the economy turned and we had just bought our house (great timing!), his work (a non-profit) had to give pay cuts. Bummer. And with the still-not-so-great-and-even-questionable-in-my-opinion economy, the cuts are still in place.

So I think every so often his work likes to send home fun gifts to show how much they appreciate the employees, as a sorry-we-can't-give-you-back-your-pay-but-here's-a-fun-treat type gesture. I'm a gifts girl. I'll take it.

About a month ago he brought home an iPad, which was a fun toy for him. I have an iPhone, and I think he's been jealous. So now he has his equivalent!

Then yesterday he brought home this fancy-schmancy camera! Funny thing... I had been thinking about how I wanted one of these all day... well, really for about a year, but I had come to the conclusion it wasn't happening. But yesterday I decided we needed to ma…

Mini Aussies

I saw a miniature Australian Shepherd the other day. Precious. The miniatures range between 17 and 35 lbs. Compare that to a full-size Aussie, like my Sammy, who is 50 lbs. If the miniature is still too big for you, yes you can get a toy Aussie!

With the option of a toy or mini Aussie, I'm not sure why anyone would ever get a small dog of another breed. No offense to any small dog owners out there. I'm just obsessed with the fluffiness (not to mention smarts) of the Aussie. Look how cute!

A Thankfully Thrifty Baby Shower

On my other blog Thankfully Thrifty (Click the button above), I have an upcoming baby shower event coming up!!! There will be reviews and giveaways, so stay tuned! And be sure to join in the fun on November 1st!
Thanks, Nicole, for creating this fabulous button!!