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Frugal Friday, a day early

In honor of Jess, I am going to start to try doing Frugal Fridays as well! The first batch are clothes I had around that needed to be revamped.

For example, I love cloth napkins. I just feel like I am being environmentally-friendly and more fun. (Plus I just leave the washing machine lid open and throw them in when I am done. I just run them in the machine when I do the rest of my laundry, so no extra water or energy used either!) Anyways, one of Brendon's old polos was getting faded in places and holes in others, so I cut it up and made napkins out of it! I am also working on my sewing skills, as you may be able to tell, so it was good practice!

Next, I wish I had better before and after pics but here they are...

Before: With sleeves, didn't fit quite right, longer

After: No sleeves, fits better, shorter

I am learning to alter my clothes - sort of. This was way basic. But I am working on it. Wish I had better pics to show, but you get the idea! Sewing is such a helpful skill. I am…


This weekend our sweet Sammy dog tore her nail at the vein. She had to go to the vet to get it all bandaged up. Of course, she hated the vet, but she was so brave! I am hoping her paw will heal soon!

Last night we watched Seven Pounds, which I thought it was a great movie. Sad in some parts. Disturbing in others. But great overall. There's much more to say, but first a SPOILER ALERT. If you haven't seen the movie and plan to, stop reading now.

Basically, Will Smith's character, Ben, accidentally kills seven people in a car accident. Consequently, he blames himself for the seven lives that were lost and vows to give life to seven other deserving people. Now, this is probably the counselor in me coming out, but the whole time I was just thinking, "Man this guy needs to see a therapist." And I don't say that nonchalantly. My heart really went out to him. I truly think counseling has a valuable place in the life of a hurting individual. That said, I'll get bac…

Oh so cute! You'll never guess where!

Brendon took me to what he thought would be a harmless trip to Walmart. He needed to get some batteries. Everything was fine until I found Walmart's newest clothing line: Seed Supply Co. It reminded me of American Apparel - colorful basics - but at a fraction of the cost! Everything was $4-10! They have it all from tanks to leggings to dresses to t-shirts to wraps, and it's all so cute! I bought a v-neck shirt for $6... couldn't resist. Oh, did I mention it's organic cotton? And so soft!

Check it out:
There's way more than what's on the Walmart website... it really doesn't do the line justice.

I'll be at Walmart again soon!

I will listen to what I please!

Just a little exhausted from my full day of class. This week we are covering a full semester in a week! Crazy? Yes! But worth it? Oh yeah! Plus my professor is awesome! Anyhow, pardon the brevity of this. I'm tired. But more than being physically tired, I am tired of Obama, so I will continue...

I was listening on the radio (90.9 KCBI) today driving home to Barry Cramer talking about the "Fairness" (Ha! More like, Unfairness!) Act. Essentially it's another way for liberals to silence conservatives through radio. It is also known as the Censorship Act. It may soon go under a new name, I believe, called the Localism Act and claim that radio stations should cater to their local communities. Translation: Radio stations should only be liberal and should all back Obama and his socialism. As you can tell, I'm just a little annoyed.

To educate yourself, check this site out. Just from glancing at the home page you can get an idea of what we&#…

Savings & Nutrition

I like to think of myself as queen of saving money (a title of which I am happy to share)! Here is a website I recently learned about that has been helpful... ...This woman is amazing, really! She feeds her family of four every night for under $5. I highly recommend checking it out. She doesn't use organic though, which makes this even more of a challenge... I know organic food costs more, but I still try to buy organic. Her website actually has a great article on eating organic:

You may be wondering how I can "justify" eating organic while trying to save money. I actually took some convincing myself at first, but here's what I know... First of all, all of the pesticides used to keep bugs and pests from eating food while its being grown actually makes it into our food. Gross. If its killing pests, why do I want to eat it? (And we wonder why there's so much cancer and dis…

First Official Post!

Well, this is my first official post... not sure where to start, but here it goes...
Two weekends ago, Brendon's cousin, Amy, got married in NJ. We went to the wedding, and it was just so fun to hang out with family, get away before finals, and witness the marriage of a young couple that loves the Lord! It has been really awesome getting to know Amy over the past two years - but really the past 6 months. Of course we wanted to go to her wedding because she is Brendon's cousin, but when it came down to it, I really wanted to go because she has become such a great friend. It is such a blessing to have family that you can also call friends.
Here's a pic of Brendon and me with Amy and Tim at their wedding.

Hopefully in the fall we can meet up with she and Tim in Colorado to visit Brendon's grandparents and get away. So fun!!

And here's a little free advertising...
The jewelry is really cute and trendy!!! Perfect for gifts - or just for you!…