Frugal Friday, a day early

In honor of Jess, I am going to start to try doing Frugal Fridays as well! The first batch are clothes I had around that needed to be revamped.

For example, I love cloth napkins. I just feel like I am being environmentally-friendly and more fun. (Plus I just leave the washing machine lid open and throw them in when I am done. I just run them in the machine when I do the rest of my laundry, so no extra water or energy used either!) Anyways, one of Brendon's old polos was getting faded in places and holes in others, so I cut it up and made napkins out of it! I am also working on my sewing skills, as you may be able to tell, so it was good practice!

Next, I wish I had better before and after pics but here they are...

Before: With sleeves, didn't fit quite right, longer

After: No sleeves, fits better, shorter

I am learning to alter my clothes - sort of. This was way basic. But I am working on it. Wish I had better pics to show, but you get the idea! Sewing is such a helpful skill. I am learning!

Have a great weekend!


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