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Pumpkins Galore

Grammy came to visit! She graciously came to watch Lil this weekend while B and I went to a conference at church called Contending with Christianity's Critics. (Super interesting by the way!)

Friday we took Lil to see the pumpkins at the arboretum. The arboretum goes a little crazy for fall. They bring in 50,000 pumpkins! Can you imagine? That lines pretty much every walkway in the arboretum, creates pumpkin houses, and fills several huge pumpkin patches! So fun! Totally debating getting a membership to that place. We had the best time!

Sweet friends in Arkansas

This post is a bit late, but better late than never!

At the end of August I went with 7 of my college girl friends to a lake house in Arkansas. What sweet time it was to relax and catch up! We enjoyed a full day on the lake, yummy food, a night out, girl talk, and very little sleep! I'm so thankful for that time!

Kansas Photo Update

And finally some group pics from Kansas!

A Weekend Trip to Kansas!

This past weekend loaded up Sammy, Lil, and all of our gear in the Prius and headed North to Kansas! That might seem like a random place to visit, but it just so happens that I have family there. We passed through last year after visiting Brendon's grandparents in Colorado and loved visiting with cousins and hanging out on their mini-farm, so we went back!

We stayed with my cousin Steve, his wife Brenda, and their kids, Nathan (25), Samuel (21), and Michael (19). They have 40 acres, 10 chickens, and lots of bees! Plus they let us go with them to pick up their raw milk from the farm down the road that has cows, goats, ducks, chickens, guineas, pigs, and cats. I like to think of myself as a city girl, but I really enjoy the farm life too... enough to move to a small town, or worse, no town? Eh, not sure. But it's super fun to get to visit farms and dream of truly sustainable living!

Saturday Brenda and Steve hosted the extended family, so we could see everyone. My mom was in Ka…

19 Months!

Lilleigh will be 19 months tomorrow! Crazy to think that we are on the home stretch as far as counting months goes! Once a kid is 2, I think people get lost in the months. I'll try to still be disciplined on giving Lil updates though!

So here we are. Lilleigh at 19 months...
Lilleigh is now sleeping in a big girl bed! This was not something I had planned to do yet, but as I think I've explained before, she just randomly ended up napping in her big girl bed one day. And she did so well, that I let her nap there a couple of times, and then on a whim, we moved her. She's actually done really well! She has been waking up a tad bit earlier and napping a tad less over all, but I think we are in the transition period. The only issue we have had is that she does know she can get out of her bed. This has only been an issue a couple of times at bedtime. I hate that because disciplining her would be the most effective thing to do, but that also gets her upset and then draws out bedtim…