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Jamesy boo is 5 months!

This month you discovered your thumb! You've sorta just sucked on your thumb randomly, but I'm sure soon you'll use it to lull yourself to sleep.
You slept through the night for me. One. Time. Mommy is hoping this happens more! But you are doing way better than you were at the start of the month when you experience four month sleep regression. (Yawn.) 
Speaking of sleep, you dropped the fourth nap this month and sometimes during rest time decide to stay up with me instead. And lately you've decided you would rather nap in your crib than momma's closet. It's a good thing you're cute and give me the biggest smile ever when I look at you! 
We had your tongue and lip ties revised this month. You had to have your tongue manually redone also, which was awful. It was a rough couple of weeks, but you hung in there like the trooper you are! And praise the Lord, the revision is healing correctly now!
You are a super happy baby. And it doesn't go unnoticed. I lo…

When Daddy is traveling...

I am SO THANKFUL for help when Brendon is away!!