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Painting Cabinets - An Instant Upgrade!

About a month ago, Adeline started to stretch out her nap FINALLY (though it's still not consistent). That combined with the fact that I am currently not pregnant (and thus have energy and not worried about paint fumes), I decided I should tackle a project that has been on my "someday DIY list." And thus began the project of painting our bathroom AND kitchen cabinets!!

I began in the bathroom and worked my way to the kitchen. This was definitely a learning experience. I used chalk paint (NOT chalkBOARD paint - we don't need to write on our cabinets!!), which is commonly used to paint furniture. It's a newish fad. I chose to use it for a few reasons:

Chalk paint is forgiving. You don't see brush strokes in the same way you do with pure latex paint.You don't have to sand the cabinets. Chalk paint adheres to the surface it's painted to. (Supposedly - time will tell, I guess.) This was clearly a huge reason! Sanding is a beating. Now keep in mind, waxing i…

All God's Promises Prove True: 5 Years Missing Austen

It's been too long since I last posted! I try to post on here at least once a month to keep family and friends updated on life. I'm hoping for several posts in the next few days, but we will see if I make it that far! :)

I've been serving with GriefShare this semester, which has been really good for me! God has done such a work in my heart through Austen's death, and I am glad to be able to pour out some of that to share with others in their darkest times. It hurts my heart to see the women in my group in such pain each week, but I am also so hopeful for each of them. God promises in Romans 8:28 that for those who love Him, He will work all things together for good! That's a promise I'm not willing to let go. It's a promise I've been able to see the fruit of. And I am thankful.

I was able to share my testimony with grief one night in GriefShare. You can listen here.

This March was 5 years since Austen passed away. We set off balloons, like we do each ye…