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Adeline is two weeks!

Adeline is two weeks! Of course, it seems like she's been around way longer too many! My days are loooong. And I feel like I've spent an eternity staring at her. In a fabulous way. She's a sweet babe!

Here are some photos my friend Kim took of Adeline! 

The first week Brendon took off to spend just the 4 of us! Then this last week began the mom rotation. RMom was here. Lilleigh enjoyed time with Mimi, and I loved getting to have a Lilleigh-Mommy date!

Lilleigh has adjusted really well. She looooves her little sissy and totally takes ownership! (In a totally healthy way.) There are lots of hugs and kisses to baby A, as well as sharing her toys. It'll be fun once they can actually play together!
As for Adeline, its fun to observe her and predict her personality. She's only two weeks, so I could be totally off, but here's what I see...  She's very patient. Adeline will let me know when she's hungry, and then she allows me a few moments to finish with Lillei…

Adeline is here!

Adeline arrived last Friday, August 16, at noon! Birth story to come, but needless to say we were thrilled to have her a few days early! She weighed in at 7 lbs 6 oz and 21 inches long.

God's faithfulness in answering our prayers surrounding delivery still amazes me. He worked out every detail. He is so good. Some answered prayers include...
Adeline was born healthy!! Huge praise!She came a little early, which was great because I was so uncomfortable. The timing allowed for our sweet neighbor Holly to watch Lilleigh at her house during the day. Holly was a kindergarten teacher and now a SAHM. She also taught Lilleigh swimming this summer, so Lilleigh really loves her. And I think it was convenient, for all parties, to not have to worry about nighttime, someone staying at our house, etc. Adeline's timing was also great in that she was born the week before she was due. Many of our "on call" friends to help with Lilleigh were going to be out of town that week I was due, …

38/ 39 Weeks!

SURELY we are almost there! And I'm trying it all to get her out! That false labor gave me false hope I think. But for now, I am holding onto what could be false hope that she will arrive before her due date! Really though her due date is sneaking up on us -- Thankfully! So even waiting till her due date doesn't seem so bad at this point.

I've been exhausted, achy (back and legs), and creaky (joints). Apparently our house is freezing too, or so I've been told by the numbers on our electric bill and everyone who comes in our house... even my child who is never cold has been saying we live in a cold house! Ha! All this to say, I am getting antsy and desperate to meet Adeline! The reality is though that I have so much to be thankful for! So today I made a list. Here are a few things that made the list...

I am thankful for...
A healthy and smooth pregnancy. No GD or GBS. Healthy weight gain, actually less than last time. No abnormalities that have shown up. Great sonograms…

An Interview with Lilleigh

Who's your favorite Disney Princess? Snow White. (Though later she told me Aurora ...aka Sleeping Beauty)

What's your favorite show to watch? Curious George.

What's your favorite place to go do with Mommy? Starbucks. I'm not kidding, y'all. And my follow up question: Go inside or drive thru? Drive thru.

What else do you like to do with Mommy? Go to the mall. (We mall walked this morning.)

Where's your favorite place to go with Daddy? To get donuts. Pink donuts.

What's your favorite food? Macaroni. 

Who's your favorite puppy doggy? Sammy Doo Doggy Doooooo-.

Lilleigh at 2-1/2

At 2-1/2 Lilleigh is so easy and so much fun! It's hard to believe we are about to start over with #2! So many feelings on that! It's been so fun getting to play with Lilleigh and love on her, while at the same time give her more responsibility and independence. I say this all the time, but the older she gets, the more fun we have together.

She's had a few funny quotes lately...

At bedtime one night when Mimi and her little dog Pierre were in town...
Lil: Do animals have to obey God?
Brendon: Yes. Remember the whale in Jonah? He obeyed God by swallowing Jonah.
Lil: Can He tell Pierre to stop barking?

Today a friend, clearly trying to lift my spirits at 38.5 weeks pregnant, said to me: You look great.
Lilleigh, in her princess dress: Do I look great?

Nesting: Master

Okay so confession, this is really going to be photos of half the master. I'm still wanting to do a painting project with our dresser (NOT before Adeline. Ha. That would be crazy. But when I have my brain back and it's cooler out), and we have a little corner of clutter... birth center bags and Lil's bag, a bin of maternity/ post-maternity/ nursing clothes, and a Moses basket, which is waiting until we move the dresser a bit for it's new home. Still, I've totally been meaning to post pics since Randi rearranged our house, so here are a few more! The living room was rearranged and gained the glider from our room and lost the chaise lounge... I'm sorta embarrassed to post these pics because I am kinda terrible about figuring out lighting with windows and the iPhone camera (or any camera for that matter). I know there's all kinds of stuff with f-stop and ISO, but I don't really understand that stuff. (Send any simple suggestions my way!) Anywho, here's…

37 Weeks!

At 37 weeks, I finished the guest room/ nursery. I'm pretty sure with Lilleigh, I had this done months before. But it's amazing the things you don't worry about with the second! This round, I know that anything not done before Adeline's arrival really can be done after. Eventually I will have energy again, and until I do, things can wait.

Here are some guest room/ nursery photos --

Super excited to have that done! I wanted to have something cute and cheery. (It was super drab before.) But I also want to be able to easily keep the room a guest room. My friend Katie helped me a lot with decorations, and I'm so thankful for all of her ideas! I pretty much followed them to a T.

This past weekend Brendon and I got a date night with free childcare! A nearby church was offering childcare free as part of the marriage ministry. Naturally we snatched up that opportunity!

And I just thought this photo was so cute! Lilleigh at our church childcare, holding onto the rope with h…