Adeline is here!

Adeline arrived last Friday, August 16, at noon! Birth story to come, but needless to say we were thrilled to have her a few days early! She weighed in at 7 lbs 6 oz and 21 inches long.

God's faithfulness in answering our prayers surrounding delivery still amazes me. He worked out every detail. He is so good. Some answered prayers include...
  • Adeline was born healthy!! Huge praise!
  • She came a little early, which was great because I was so uncomfortable.
  • The timing allowed for our sweet neighbor Holly to watch Lilleigh at her house during the day. Holly was a kindergarten teacher and now a SAHM. She also taught Lilleigh swimming this summer, so Lilleigh really loves her. And I think it was convenient, for all parties, to not have to worry about nighttime, someone staying at our house, etc. 
  • Adeline's timing was also great in that she was born the week before she was due. Many of our "on call" friends to help with Lilleigh were going to be out of town that week I was due, which would've stressed me out.
  • Our doula actually had a client, who was supposed to deliver 3 weeks early but was instead 2 weeks late, make her induction dates (poor momma) the 15th AND 16th. Thankfully though Jen (doula) was able to attend our birth, send a back up to her other client's, and then make it back to the other client in time for her actual labor and delivery. By the way, and I will share more in the birth story, but doulas are totally worth every penny!
  • As far as the delivery goes, it was smooth and quick. I progressed well the whole time and pushed for 15 minutes - compare that to the 1 hour 45 minutes with Lilleigh. And no tearing! I didn't realize how big of a deal even minor tearing is until this round. It's made my recovery so smooth. By Sunday I felt like a normal person. I've gotten out a couple of times this week, which friends have made me feel crazy for doing, but other than being exhausted, I feel great.
  • Adeline has been a champ at nursing, another thing I prayer for. 
  • She's a good sleeper too - other than the fact that she prefers to sleep ON me and can be noisy. So I have gotten some sleep! And so far I've been able to coordinate at least some overlap in naps with her and Lilleigh, which has been wonderful and completely necessary. That said, I know I will have to work at that more in coming months when Adeline isn't a newborn and sleeping constantly.
  • Lilleigh has adjusted really well. She's loving being a big sister and has been very helpful! 
We've spent the first week at home just us, before having parents come stay. Brendon took the week off work. It has been great for our little family to get in the groove with a fourth member. Photos of our week...

Fam photo!

Lilleigh meeting Adeline

The welcome home sign that Holly and Lilleigh made

Sweet Adeline. She looks so much like Lilleigh as a newborn!

Wide awake

This was the nurse weighing Adeline at our follow-up home visit, two days after giving birth.

Lilleugh loves pulling up her little seat while Adeline is in her bouncy seat. Lilleigh shows her all of her toys.

Sharing toys!

Sweet sisters!


  1. She is so precious and beautiful! Congratulations, again! Can't wait to hear her birth story :)


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