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We spent Thanksgiving in Houston and enjoyed time with family!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! We have lots to be thankful for!

Mom's Day Off, Hideaway Chicken, and Our Getaway

A lot has happened since I last posted! So I'll hit the high points.

My Mom's Day Off...

For a late birthday gift, Brendon gave me a "day off!" While I love spending my days with sweet Lil, being the mom of toddler can be draining. A day off was just what I needed! I admit that I didn't use my afternoon as intentionally as I should have. (Errands were a bad idea. What was I thinking?) But the morning was fabulous! I met up with one of my best friends and shopped! I can't even remember the last time I met up with a friend to shop. College, maybe? Super fun! Then I met Brendon and Lil for lunch at Chipotle! It was so fun to get to meet up with them and then say "see ya!" ;)

A little chicken update...

The other night Sweetie (our sweet, hence the name, black chicken) went missing. I was devastated (She's totally a pet at this point), thinking a hawk got her. I looked everywhere. Even in neighbor's yards, our garage, the bushes, the alley. Oh I…

We moved!

Hey y'all! Our blog URL changed! It is now Take note!

Please note: The blog looks exactly the same as it once did. I just changed the URL. And if you are subscribed, you should still get emails.

Also if I had your blog on my sidebar (or if you want to be there), will you leave your URL below? The move messed with those listed. Thanks!

Lil at 21 Months!

This week Lil is 21 months!! I know I've said this one hundred times, but seriously I enjoy her more each day. Such a fun age! She can verbalize enough for me to understand, but she can't really talk back and has not yet started to defy regularly.

Lil at 21 months...
She knows all of her colors! We are working on letters. Not a whole lot of progress, but we are working on it!She can "count" - you know, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7. Not necessarily counting objects, but saying the numbers. Maybe she'll be more of a numbers girl since she's picked up on these before letters? (We've def worked harder on letter, for the record.) Or maybe she'll be a little more on the creative side? After all, she does know her colors - and some shapes I might add!She has started speaking in 3-4 word sentences. My favorites are - "Mommy, I love you" and "Daddy, come on." Oh and let's not forget, "Daddy, scratch back."Lil loves Fancy Nancy books and pl…

The Divided States of America

Well I'm sad to wake up this morning with a tear in my eye, rather then a skip to my step. The thing is - when I pulled up Drudge Report at 5:30 this morning to see who had won the election, I saw this:

With the headline: "The Divided States of America."

It didn't even say who won the election. I had to actually click on the article to find out. My heart was sad to read the news though. And truly it's not because more of my tax money will be going to the government to pay the insane debt or because the dollar lost value overnight or even because of the amount of people who will lose jobs over this win. Though each of these is unsettling, to say the least. I'm sad because it just shows how far our nation has strayed from the Lord and what makes Him glad.

I stole this from a friend --
I will vote for the most pro-life candidate, because God hates the shedding of innocent blood (Prov.6:17).
I will vote for the most pro-Israel candidate, because God blesses tho…

Halloween and Ashleigh's Birthday

For Halloween, we hosted the neighborhood block party and invited our neighborhood play group (which is HUGE, by the way) and our street! We had been a little up in the air, not sure if we wanted to celebrate Halloween (due to its evil origins), but I also happen to LOVE Halloween, which made it really difficult to think about not celebrating the holiday. Also we really view our neighborhood as a ministry, so with Halloween being such a neighborhood holiday, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to host a party for the neighborhood. And having the party at our house also allowed us to control the aspects of Halloween we brought out - pumpkins, costumes, and candy, and not ghosts or dead things.

For the party, we grilled hotdogs, and a few friends helped out by bringing drinks, chips, and desserts. Another friend even set up a little photo booth with props and such! It was super fun! I didn't do a great job of photographing the event. But here are a couple of photos.

As you can …