Saturday, January 25, 2014

Lilleigh is almost 3!

Y'all my sweet Lilleigh, my big girl, sissy, honey bunny... is almost 3!! She is such a joy!

Lilleigh LOVES...
  • Princesses. And princess dresses. I don't know why I even both buying her clothes. All she wants to wear {ever} are pretty princess dresses. She even wears them in public when I let her. And yes, sometimes I let her. Because it's that or whining. And I have a 5-month-old. And let's be honest, there is nothing more fun in her mind than dressing like a princess in public and having people stop and comment about it.
  • Yogurt. She eats yogurt like it's going out of style. Good thing I know how to make yogurt, otherwise we would be buying stock in Stonyfield.
  • Raspberries. The girl really loves raspberries. And putting them on her fingers.
  • Fancy Nancy. Who doesn't love being fancy?
  • The story about Jesus dying on the cross. We read it a lot, per her request. And she has it memorized, so she likes to "read" it to us. 
  • Singing. Lilleigh sings for hours in her bed during nap time and before falling asleep. She really loves to sing. LOUDLY.
  • Dance. Recently I bought a Groupon and signed Lilleigh up for dance at a nearby dance center. It is precious, y'all. The class isn't ballet so much as just fun dance movements. She adores her teacher and watches her every move. Lilleigh is definitely the oldest in her class, so while all of the other kids have lost focus at 40 minutes in, Lilleigh is at her teachers feet, waiting for instruction. I've debated moving her up, but she is such a perfectionist that I think she might have a hard time being a little behind some of the other kids. I figure she can boost her confidence with this class before moving forward. She really loves her class though, so it's been a great first dance experience for her.
  • Horses. Even though I am not really a fan of horses (I mean, they're fine...), seeing how much she loves them, makes me excited to take her horseback riding someday.
  • Stuffed animals. She's not a total hoarder. I do try to have give away piles going constantly, so she does sometimes actually voluntarily give things to me to give away. But she still loves her furry friends, so I broke down and bought a $34 dollar cushy bean bag by Boon for her stuffed animals! Totally worth the expense.
  • Her daddy. She totally goes through phases where Mommy is pretty popular too, but she is a Daddy's girl through and through! Not only does she want to marry him, but she kept telling me she wanted Daddy to surprise her with flowers. So one night Brendon came home with roses for her! She was so proud!

Lilleigh quotes:

Lilleigh brought up the topic of tadpoles. I explained the tadpoles are actually babies that turn into frogs, a concept completely beyond her almost-3-year-old mind. She thought for a minute and said excitedly, "And if you kiss a frog a lot, he will become a prince!"

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Adeline is 5 months!

Adeline will be 5 months tomorrow!! Time totally flies! And just like with Lilleigh, I enjoy Adeline more each day. She is growing so fast and has become so interactive. Quite the giggler and love bug!

Adeline at 5 months...
  • She finally rolled over at 4-1/2 months! She is such a content baby and so happy to be on her tummy that she really did not care to roll. One day I heard her wailing from her crib (which she never does), so I raced in there to find her very angry to be on her back! I have only seen her roll one other time on her play mat. Other than that, she doesn't really roll much, though she does spend a lot of time rolling from her back or tummy to her side, while playing.
  • She loooves to play on her tummy. And now she's really good at lifting herself up too, so she will play on her tummy for long periods of time.
  • Other than the activity mat, she can now sit in her Bumbo and play in the exersaucer.
  • She still doesn't really care for the car or fall asleep in the car, but she is content in her car seat until she gets tired.
  • Addie giggles like nobody's business. I love it! She loves to be tickled and kissed on her neck. She also thinks its funny when I blow raspberries on her tummy.
  • She's interested enough in what is going on around her that she does not sleep as willingly at church nursery or in the baby carrier. She still will eventually, but it takes longer to get her to sleep.
  • If we go out, I have started putting Adeline in the stroller. Our Joovy Caboose Ultralight (sit n stand model) is harder for her to ride in since she doesn't sit up by herself yet, but she was. I usually either put her in the City Mini and let Lilleigh walk or put Adeline in the ergo baby carrier and give Lilleigh the option of the stroller or walking. 
  • We have also started to use our jogging stroller (to walk), and Lilleigh really loves sitting next to Adeline! That's nice because Lil had gotten into a walking only phase, which is painfully slow if you are trying to power walk the neighborhood and get yourself and the dog some exercise!! So I am thankful to have her back to enjoying the stroller!
  • Big sis loves to get in the crib with her and asks to sleep with Adeline.
  • No solid foods yet. We will probably wait until at least 6 months.
  • I think she will have blue eyes. They have gotten bluer and don't appear to be changing.
  • She also has two dimples in her left cheek. One in the side of her cheek, the normal place for dimples, that you can only see if she laughs really hard, and another in the apple of her cheek. That one shows a lot more - whenever she laughs or cries.
Her "schedule" --
7:15 Wake up to nurse. (If she wakes up after 7:30, I let her just get up for the day.)
Back to sleep, or at least back to crib
8:30/9 Wake her up, if she's fallen back asleep. Nurse, play.
10-12 Nap #1
12 Nurse, play (Sometimes she will only nurse briefly and then waits to really nurse after Lilleigh has gone down at 1... she gets distracted. This actually works because then she will sometimes sleep later than if she only nurses at 12.)
1:30-3/3:30 Nap #2
3:30 Nurse, play
4:30-6 Nap #3 (She really started doing this nap at 3.5/4 months. Before, she was doing 2 naps, and the early evenings were just questionable.)
6 Nurse, play.
7 Bed

I think that's it! We love our Addie! She's growing so fast!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas and {Pre} Christmas Festivities

Somehow I let Thanksgiving creep by without an update. (I blame the ice storm.) Ideally I would post Thanksgiving photos before Christmas, buuut since my computer is being disagreeable at the moment, we will move on!

Right outside of our library (and City Hall), our city puts together a Christmas village each December. It's so cute and fun. We didn't actually go at night this year, though we've been in the past, but I did take Lilleigh to go play at the village and walk around during the day. Here's a photo of her in a sleigh. It's seriously amazing that she smiled for this photo. That never ever happens! 

Before Chrsitmas, Tita came up to visit. She watched Lilleigh for me while I took Adeline to the pediatrician. They decorated gingerbread houses, wrapped gifts, ... and to be honest, I'm not even sure what all they did while I was gone, but they certainly seemed to get a lot of Christmas cheer fit into that little bit!

One afternoon I organized a birthday party for Jesus. I figured a birthday party with cake would help the kids to understand that Christmas is us celebrating Jesus' birthday. There were more photos of the kids singing happy birthday and blowing out the candles, but I'm not sure where those photos went. So I'll just say that we had the party at the park. There was cookie cake and juice boxes. And of course candles. It was a small crowd, but the kids enjoyed it! I think we will make it an annual event, and next time I will plan a little further ahead. We did end up leaving early because Lil was having a meltdown, but such is life with an almost 3-year-old...

For Christmas, Mimi and Grammy came up. We went to the Christmas Eve service at church and then came home and had chili in front of the fireplace. Here are some photos from church.

These are Lilleigh and two of her sweet friends - Ava and McKinley.

Since we don't do Santa, most of the gifts were out ahead of time, but I added a few extra on Christmas Eve. I really loved how when Lilleigh woke up, she just wanted to watch Curious George and sit on the couch. She couldn't have cared less about the gifts. Love that. I'm sure it'll be one of the last years for that.

Here is our family on Christmas morning.
Brendon made his homemade cinnamon rolls, which we all love! (Here's the recipe. Naturally, we swap out the bad stuff like margarine for the real thing.)

We opened gifts. We really tried not to go overboard buying gifts, but between gifts from Brendon and me, Grammy, Mimi, and then grandparents who had mailed things because they weren't there, the amount of gifts piled up! We had an all day gift opening marathon! It was soooo nice to just stay home this year for Christmas. (Would you believe it's only the second time EVER that I've been home all day on Christmas?) We relaxed, opened gifts, let Lil play with some gifts, eat, came back for more, napped, came back for more... Seriously it went all day. It wouldn't have been an awesome Christmas without the gifts, since gifts don't make Christmas. The nice part of it all really was not being rushed and just getting to spend time with those present.

Here are some pics of Lil playing with her toys.

After naps, we cooked an awesome yet simple dinner of pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes, salad, and rolls. It was so yummy! And then... we went back to opening gifts! Seriously. I know. This is just before bedtime, and we were still opening!

It was an awesome Christmas! We feel very blessed to get to stay home this year and that parents wanted to come visit us!

We hope y'all had a merry Christmas and a happy new year!