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This and That

ONE. Lilleigh got a wagon for Christmas from her Grammy. Obviously a wagon would be kinda annoying to transport from Houston to Dallas, so Grammy had it shipped to us. And she even came up to set it up! 

TWO. Lilleigh the artist. This is why we'll never have cable. I'm convinced that Amanda (my artist friend) and Tess (who's just creative in her own way) are uniquely gifted because the lack of cable in their homes forced them to entertain themselves and use the gifts God gave them! :) Oh and did I mention that Amanda has two sisters who are also super artistic? Totally convinced that we need craft projects galore at our house over the next 18 years!

Costco is just more fun with friends. How awesome that their carts fit TWO babies!

Speaking of Costco, I bought this rug there. I'm in love with it. $12. Pretty sweet deal, huh?

My friend Katy gave me this super cute owl rice pack for Christmas. She made it. Yep, she's crafty. That's probably why we get alo…

What to do about Christmas?

Over the past few weeks, even months, Brendon and I have been thinking a lot about the subject of Christmas. Of course, we always knew Christmas should be about Jesus. And now that we have Lilleigh we really want to downplay the Americanization of Christmas and place Jesus center stage, where He belongs. After all, the holiday is His.

I don't really think our desire for this is different from that of other believing parents. (And by "believing," I'm not referring to Santa!) But I know that despite similar desires, what we do with the holiday may look different. In this post, I'm sharing with you some of our thoughts and the parts of Christmas we're wrestling with. This is in not a judgment on you, so please don't take it that way. This is our Christmas dilemma...


I'm not sure what to do here. America prioritizes gift giving. And while I looove gifts (They're my love language!), I want to be careful about what we teach our children. With so m…

GriefShare Recap

I wanted to take a post to write about GriefShare now that I've finished it the first time. {Though I say first time, it'll probably be my last too, as getting out just before Lilleigh's bedtime is taxing on us, but they invite everyone to come back for as many sessions as necessary.}

In case you haven't gotten it by now -- GriefShare is AMAZING. Our last meeting was Tuesday night, so I've taken the last few days to process my experience in the program. Basically, like anything else, you get as much out of GriefShare as you put in it. I did the homework religiously. {I didn't do the journaling at the end though because I didn't see that section until the second to last week - oops. I'll go back to that!} I attended every group meeting possible, and I tried my very hardest to be on time for the video in the beginning. {Hard thing to do around bedtime!}

If you've ever been through GriefShare, you know the videos are cheesy. They were filmed in the ear…

Christmas Parties!

We've been Christmas partying it up! Okay not really. But we have been to a couple.

Last Saturday morning we went to a Christmas brunch for young families at church. There was, of course, food, hence the "brunch." Then we sang songs with the kids. So sweet and fun!

Brief interruption: Apparently I never mentioned that we found a new church home. Several of you have reminded me. Sorry about that. We are now at Watermark. I'll hopefully share more about that later. You can always remind me. Back to this post...

Then yesterday Katy hosted a fun mommy-baby party. We saw Santa and got photo, ate yummy food, crafted some cute little reindeer, swapped cookies, and played! It was a fun {and chaotic!} time had by all!

Crying, crying, crying...

It's been one of those days. Crying. Non-stop. Or so it seems. This afternoon Lilleigh didn't want to nap. So she cried, as usual, when I put her down. It's not that it wasn't tired. She was. In fact she was a bit late for nap (which has never been an issue). I think she sometimes gets worked up because she knows fun toys are in the living room, and she's missing out. Typical. Anyway, it began with that. Then she slept for maybe 15 minutes and woke up crying again. I let her play for a bit, but she was clingy, whiney, and rubbing her eyes. I tried to lay her down again. Still no rest. And so our afternoon went.

And then tonight... again, not so smooth. Typically she gets a bath and changed into her PJs. Then I nurse her for 20 minutes, followed by story time. Song. Prayer. Bed. But like I said, tonight wasn't as smooth. And it hasn't been for the last few nights. She hasn't nursed longer than 10 minutes. Tonight she nursed 10, which was a victory. Past …
Now that Lilleigh is on the movie, silence is not a good thing. This afternoon Lilleigh was playing in the living room while I was fixing lunch in the kitchen. Then I realized I didn't hear anything... So I peeked into the living room to make sure she hadn't crawled off to some other part of the house. This is what I saw.

Do you see Lilleigh? I had to do a double take at first.

She's nestled between Sammy and the couch, cuddling with sweet Sammy dog! 

What a sweet baby girl for wanting to cuddle with her puppy! And what a sweet dog for letting Lilleigh cuddle and crawl all over her - even when Momma isn't watching!

10 Months!

Oh my goodness, I think I fall more in love with this little pumpkin every day! Is she not just the cutest thing you've ever seen? Many of my friends see new babies and swoon, remembering the days their babes were that little. I can't relate. Really. Of course, when Lilleigh was a new baby, I adored her. But I've really enjoyed her more and more each day. New baby snuggles are great, but nothing beats the mimicking of Mommy's faces, the crawling after Sammy, and laughter.

So here are some photos of Lilleigh at 10 months. I know these aren't awesome. My apologies. I think I'm over this monthly sticker thing, but I have to finish out the year... And not to mention that getting this child to sit still or pose is near impossible!

Lilleigh at 10 months...
CRAWLING! And PULLING UP! Yikes! Time to find a new home for lots of things around this house! I feel like our place is in utter chaos as I try to move things off the coffee table, fire place ledge, etc. Meanwhile, t…

The Mat Room

Our play group has started to meet in the mat room at Watermark twice a month. The mat room is essentially a big room with a large gymnastics mat floor and tons of fun mat wedges, tubes, blocks etc. So fun for mobile babies and toddlers! And now that Lilleigh is army scooting and crawling, she can enjoy it! Yes, CRAWLING, like all fours! That started TODAY, just in time for her 10 month birthday! Here are some photos from today of Lilleigh and our neighbor Jensen.

That's Sylvia (Jensen's mommy and our awesome next door neighbor!) in the photo. She'd kill me if she knew I posted that photo :) but I think it gives you a good idea of what the mat room is!

Never Once... Did We Ever Walk Alone

My friend Destiny, whom I've recently come to know, shared her story at GriefShare the other night. It wasn't the first time I'd heard her story. But that didn't keep the tears from coming. Destiny lost her brother Derek seven years ago. Coming from a rough upbringing, she describes him as her life witness. I love this label. Though I thankfully had a wonderful upbringing, I relate to this term. The phrase I've so often used is "my other half." I realize this usually describes a spouse, but growing up I think it describes siblings close in age. Austen was there for most everything important in my life, and I, in his. Sometimes when I'm frustrated or laughing at the situation I find myself in, I just want to call him because I know he's the only one that would truly get it. Though I have lots of younger siblings, the age gap is so great that sometimes it seems like we were raised in two totally different families, and to an extent, we have.

The bea…

Christmas Tree Photos and Her Mommy-Made Dress

She loves that red salt and pepper shaker ornament. And she really loves the Christmas tree!

See how I made this dress here.