Christmas Parties!

We've been Christmas partying it up! Okay not really. But we have been to a couple.

Last Saturday morning we went to a Christmas brunch for young families at church. There was, of course, food, hence the "brunch." Then we sang songs with the kids. So sweet and fun!

Brief interruption: Apparently I never mentioned that we found a new church home. Several of you have reminded me. Sorry about that. We are now at Watermark. I'll hopefully share more about that later. You can always remind me. Back to this post...

Daddy daughter photo op! Left to right: Mike and Maddie, Matt and McKinley, Brendon and Lilleigh
Lilleigh with her friends Maddie and McKinley
Notice how they are all in matching Christmas tree shirts! Katy and I made them!
Then yesterday Katy hosted a fun mommy-baby party. We saw Santa and got photo, ate yummy food, crafted some cute little reindeer, swapped cookies, and played! It was a fun {and chaotic!} time had by all!

Sadly, Santa did not make this photo.
Trying to get Lil to touch his beard.
Wiping tears because Santa is scary.
And an extra large group photo, so you can see everyone!


  1. Such a lovely Christmas party. Children are looking so cute and pretty. For my Christmas celebrations, I went to a grand party that was arranged at one of Venues in San Francisco. Was very happy to find delicious brunch and some entertaining games there. That really made my day.


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