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Lots to say!

Lots of "little" updates, so here we go... pure randomness!

1. Lilleigh said "baby" today! The story: I was getting her up from nap and singing my silly made up songs that I sing to her - something about "Lilleigh Baby" - and when I laid her down to change her diaper, she said "baby." Multiple times. She kept repeating it because I was getting so excited, and clearly she understood that she was saying a real word. So proud of my "baby" girl!

This isn't a photo from that moment, just a photo from today. Isn't she so stinkin' cute? And look at that fun cloth diaper! We were given it for a product review for Thankfully Thrifty!

2. We got two new chickens this weekend. If you remember, we started out with four and then found out two were roosters, so for a long while we've had two. They've given us about a dozen eggs a week, which is pretty awesome, except now I want eggs like daily, plus baking. So a dozen isn't c…

Lessons Learned from Lilleigh

It's hard to believe that it's almost been a year since we brought sweet Lilleigh home from the hospital. This past year has gone quickly! There have been some sleepless nights (though thankfully not many!), some tears, some frustrations, and a lot of joy, a lot of laugh, and a lot of learning! Being a mom has taught me a lot. I've done a couple of "mommy lessons" posts, and I guess this is similar, only this isn't so much what I've learned about being a mom, but what I have learned from being a mom.

Over the first year, sweet Lilleigh has taught me a lot!
I've had to confront, head-on, my own selfishness - ouch. Many times my plans for the day are thwarted because Lilleigh doesn't want to nap or feels sick or is extra clingy and teething {or insert baby issue}... how hard is it to drop everything and hang out with her? Apparently, for me, very. I'm working on that.I've had to prioritize my time, figuring out the things that needed to be do…

11 Months!

Dear Lilleigh,

You are 11 months old! I can hardly believe almost a year has past! My the fun that we have these days!

At 11 months...

You can finally wear a real bow in your hair! It doesn't hold a whole lot, but it stays! ...Until you pull it out.You are cruising! You crawl around and pull up on everything. You've taken a few baby steps while holding onto things. You won't sit still for diaper changes, though thankfully you started being still again for feedings. Phew.We have a blue pushy buggy car that a friend lent us. You LOVE it! You also love Sammy dog and love grabbing her fur. We try to correct you and show you how to pet her gently. Still just last week you yanked on her whiskers. Sammy just let out a yelp. Poor dog! She spends most of her days hiding back on our bed now. You've definitely broken her in though - she loves you.You love to read. You pull out books often and flip through them on your own. I hope your love of reading is something that stays with y…

A Christmas Recap

This update is long overdue. More than anything else I just wanted to share some photos with you!

For Christmas we stayed in Dallas, and RMom came to spend Christmas with us. We went to the Christmas Eve service and ate a Christmas Eve dinner at Macaroni Grill.

The next morning Brendon made cinnamon rolls, and I made breakfast casserole - the traditional Christmas morning breakfast growing up. That tradition must continue!

We opened gifts, and Lilleigh napped. My favorite gift was the mug that Lilleigh and Brendon made me! And the shelves Brendon got me for my craft closet! Who knew I had so much craft stuff?!

Later that night we wrote in our Lankford Family Book of Remembrances for the first time. It's a special tradition that we were excited to start!

Christmas was a low-key day, which is exactly what we wanted! I've never gotten to have Christmas just at home, so even though we missed our Houston fam, I was thrilled to not be on the go all day long!

On the 26th we headed to…