Friday, February 27, 2015

Snow Days

With all of the warm weather we've had this winter, I was beginning to think we wouldn't get any snow. Suddenly this week things changed. It became burrrr cold, and 4 out of 5 days have either been snowy or icy! And today it snowed ALL day! That kind of thing doesn't happen in Texas! And it was awesome! 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Lilleigh turned 4!

Recently Lilleigh turned 4! We celebrated by scaling it down from last year! {Oh my word, last year what was I thinking building a castle and setting the expectation high?} 

This year we did a smaller party. It helped that, per Lil's request, it was an all girl party. It was still super fun and activity-filled for the girlies, but less work on my end. 

I found a scavenger hunt on Pinterest and basically copied it. I changed several of the rhymes, but I was so thankful to that mommy blogger that went before me and posted her work for me to use! Yay! Anyway, the little girls loved searching for Cinderella's shoe and participating in the activities along the way! 

As always, grandparents have come up to celebrate, each taking their own turn to come up and love on the birthday girl. We love having so many visitors! 

*sorry for the lack of links in this post to that scavenger hunt etc. Its hard to link from my iPhone or iPad, which is where I mostly blog from these days. I'll try to add the links soon for anyone wanting them!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Adeline at 18 months

Man, this girl is BUSY! As evidenced by the photos. Sitting still is too much to ask. Adeline was slow to become mobile, and now she is making up for lost time. The girl can run and climb! From the moment I saw her trying to climb the Chickfila playground with Lilleigh, I knew I was in trouble. For the record, she was climbing before she was walking. Two weeks ago she showed us that she knows how to climb up Lilleigh's bunkbed. {Insert frantic and exhausted - Nooooo!} For the record, the ladder has now been removed. Yesterday I also caught her lifting her leg over her crib rail. Brendon has since lowered the crib. I pretty much collapse at the end of each day. And my brain is constantly trying to recover from what seems to be a permanent cloudiness preventing me from thinking clearly.

Where was I? 

She can say a lot, but she is choosier with what to say. For example, she loves to say "thank you" and "here you go" but refuses "please." We have many stand offs at snack time over the word please. As far as how much she talks, all I have as a gage is Lilleigh, who was born talking and has yet to stop. Addie has a wide vocab and talks her share, but she leaves it to her big sis to fill the silence.

To Adeline, getting messy is no big deal. Food. Sand. Play dough. No biggie. Thankfully she isn't big on putting everything in her mouth, so the play dough is fairly safe... But when she has the play dough in hand, my carpet probably isn't. 

Adeline loves to be outside. One of her favorite words to repeat over and over again is "side." She will wait by the door until there's the slightest mention or motion towards going outside. I'm not sure who's worse her or Sammy. 

Adeline loves books. She will grab one and bring it to my lap to read it. Letting me read it to her is another story though. Pun intended. She wants to hold the book herself and won't give it up! Speaking of books, the other day she picked out a board book with animals on it at the library. It's written in Chinese! She doesn't care. She won't let anyone read it to her anyway.

Oh and lastly, anything big sister has is a must-have item. NOW. Don't make her throw herself back to demand what she wants - because she will! Sharing and taking turns are lessons in process at the moment. This is way new. Momma is still figuring out the ropes on this one.

Adeline has been the sweetest and easiest baby, but from early on I saw glimmers of her outbursts. I said "she's 90% sweet and 10% spicy." Brendon recently said she's sweet and sour. That's probably a better description actually. The girl is still such an easy child. Childcare workers (from church) and moms in babysitting co-op sing her praises. She's super laid back and happy. It makes her sourness that has spewed out lately almost comical. And definitely exhausting. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Life in a busy season

Sometimes I get so behind on this blog that the thought of writing overwhelms me because I've missed so much and feel I need to catch all our out of town family up on life. This is totally one of those times! 

We had an awesome Christmas with friends and family here and then visiting the rest of our family afterwards. It was truly so great! When we can go in town to visit for closer to a week rather than a weekend, it's so fun! I'm going to leave my Christmas update at that. Loved every bit of it! 

Things here have been a bit crazy! And by crazy, I mean busy! Brendon and I are both involved with a class called Equipped Disciple. (Totally awesome class by the Navigators that encourages the basics of the Christian faith and helps you learn discipline. Can't say enough good things about it!) Brendon has been doing ED5 on Monday nights and starting this week is serving on Wednesday mornings before work as a leader for a group. I'm currently in ED2 on Monday mornings with an awesome group of ladies from whom I learn a ton! And on Tuesday nights I'm serving in GriefShare, co-leading a group. The semester just started, but I already know GS is going to bless me as a leader just as much as it did as a participant. (If you've lossed a loved one and never grieved that, please consider joining a group! GriefShare is a national program. You can find classes near you on their site. Ok that's my shameless plug. It's life-changing. Do it.) on Wednesdays we have a sweet college girl come over and spend time with us. It's so fun to get to love on her the way the Copelands loved on me when I was in college. We just adore Laurel! During the week we also have community group. We do life with some pretty awesome people! Just sayin. We are so thankful for them. It's worth every bit of time we put into it.

During the day we stay busy also. We have a few outings a week with the girls, Explorer School (homeschool), storytime at the library (Lil's new fave - they go in without mom. Big deal!), family weekend plans, other ministry ops, and seriously the schedule is a little nutso! It'll sorta slow down here in a couple weeks when Brendon finishes ED5. But we are on high speed till then. (We need a date night!) Now you know why we haven't been good about talking on the phone! ;)

As for personal goals, I've also been trying to be diligent to get to them gym a couple mornings a week! Hooray! It makes for early mornings, but it's so energizing!

On our days at home, the girls have been playing outside a ton! Until a couple days ago, the weather had been incredible! I basically had the bounce house up constantly and the doors open to the backyard for hours at a time while the girls ran in and out. We've been doing a lot of Explorer School, and I feel like I've finally been getting a grasp on how to teach one child while the other is busy getting into trouble! And by grasp, I mean school is going on. There may be permanent marker on the wall, but big sis is learning stuff! And as a family, we've been going through the Little House (On The Prairie) books, which has been so fun! I've never read them, so it's been so fun reading them for the first time with Lilleigh! It sorta makes me want to set the calendar back 100 years (more really...) and live in a little house on lotsa land! Love that simplicity! (If you know us well, you can see why we love these books so much... Land... Simplicity... Love it!) The other day we stayed home all day, play outside a ton and read several chapter aloud from Little House. In the midst of the busy season, it was so nice to have such a fun and slow-paced day! Those are some of my favorites!

Ok that's what's up here in a nutshell! Lilleigh turns 4 this week, so I'll post a birthday update soon as well as a "4-year-old Lilleigh update!"

Hugs from Dallas!

Some pics...

Reading Little House, all cozy. Oh, another update - I made these 2 quilts! Hooray! Another 2015 goal met! It's sorta addictive. I want to make more... 

Hanging out with Addie at the library while big sis is in storytime.

A tea party with our sweet friend McKinley!

Lilleigh learning to flip on the bar. (We haven't officially started gymnastics but plan to soon. This was an open house event, which she loved.)