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Potty Training!

I recently reported that potty training was at a halt. Scratch that. On Tuesday after nap, Lil asked if she could wear her Dora underwear, which I had bought a few months back. To be honest, I was shocked that she asked. I told her she could wear them but that meant she was a big girl and needed to use the big girl potty. She basically ignored that comment, not thrilled about the idea I'm sure, and asked again for the Dora underwear. So I helped her put them on, and off she went to play!

The Trial Run

We had a date night scheduled for that night, so Lil would be at a friend's house. I definitely was not going to bring over a child in big girl panties to their house within the first hours of her potty training. So she has on her big girl panties for a total of two hours that afternoon. During that two hours, she had no accidents, but she also didn't pee period. That in itself showed me that she could actually hold her bladder and somewhat control it, and it gave me the confi…

Lilleigh at 22 months

Lilleigh is 22 months! Here's a little about Lil this month...
Lilleigh loves... Her baby dolls, tucking them into bed (which is usually the oven to her kitchen), and pushing them in the stroller.Her new gold shoes. Such a girly girl! Singing "Jesus Loves Me."Her favorite books are Fancy Nancy books, Llama Llama books, The Beginners Bible, Go Dog Go (the short version, thank goodness!), etc. If you ask her, "Do you like my hat?" she will say, "No I do not like your hat." (Thanks to Go Dog Go.)
Lilleigh dislikes... Well apparently she dislikes a lot of things. "I don't like it" is her new favorite phrase.I'm sure she has other dislikes, but none come to mind at the moment. Her sizes...
24 month/2T. Some 18 month still.Size 6 toddler shoes.  Eating...
She's become a little bit of a pickier eater. Not terribly, but compared to before. I think it's an act though. I know this is the age that the pickiness can start, but I think she jus…

Lil reciting Isaiah 9:6

It's amazing how easily Scripture is impressed upon the hearts (and tongues) of little ones!