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Fortunately, my husband's uncle is a vet, and in the past year of owning our first (and BEST) dog, I have called him no less than ten times. We've dealt with a bloody nail, the dog-like chicken pox, and a looong battle with fleas. Having a vet in the family has come in handy. Something he has told me almost every time we've talked is, "Dogs are just like kids. There's always something." Since he has 3 kids, I figure he's credentialed to say that and just trust him.

Yesterday I took Brendon to work and decided to let Sammy ride with us in the back. We were almost back home when I heard her vomit in the back. Awesome. So I did my puppy-mommy duties when I got home - put her in the house, got her settled, then whipped out the Nature's Miracles and beach towels and headed back out to the car.

Later that afternoon when I was over at my neighbor's house - ironically, picking Sammy up from her play date... yes our dogs have daily play dates - her 9 month…

Craft Link-Up

I love Kimba's DIY Day! I always love seeing what others are making.
Here are some of my latest projects...

You can see these over at Thankfully Thrifty.

And here are some other bloggers' projects that I am loving...

Burlap wreath made by Sweet Pea.

Homemade bows, a great repurposing project, by Sweet Blessings.

Ruffled shirt by Sutton Grace, who always has great projects and tutorials.

No sew Roman shades by Beneath My Heart.

Looking Up

It's funny to see how sometimes God closes some doors but opens others. I just started my internship.
First client. Check. First group. Check. Second group. Check.
It's not easy, but things are progressing. It comes a little more naturally than I thought.


Waiting. I'm in a period of waiting. Just waiting on the Lord. For direction. For guidance. For answered prayers. I woke up this morning tearful. Sometimes waiting on Him is painful.

On Sunday I felt the Lord leading me to make a list of times that I have cried out to Him, and He's been faithful. I started the list and wrote down about ten significant things that have occurred recently. There is so much more to add, years more, months more, and I will continue to add to this list over time. But funny how He knows what we need? On a day like today, when life just seems cruel and unfair, I am able to pull out my list and be comforted by His goodness and His faithfulness.

I did a word study on the Hebrew word "qawa," often translated "wait," for a class last summer. It was interesting to me that some translations, namely the NET Bible, translate this word "rely." Wait implies a "be-ready-but-not-yet" mentality and indicates difficulty along…