Fortunately, my husband's uncle is a vet, and in the past year of owning our first (and BEST) dog, I have called him no less than ten times. We've dealt with a bloody nail, the dog-like chicken pox, and a looong battle with fleas. Having a vet in the family has come in handy. Something he has told me almost every time we've talked is, "Dogs are just like kids. There's always something." Since he has 3 kids, I figure he's credentialed to say that and just trust him.

Yesterday I took Brendon to work and decided to let Sammy ride with us in the back. We were almost back home when I heard her vomit in the back. Awesome. So I did my puppy-mommy duties when I got home - put her in the house, got her settled, then whipped out the Nature's Miracles and beach towels and headed back out to the car.

Later that afternoon when I was over at my neighbor's house - ironically, picking Sammy up from her play date... yes our dogs have daily play dates - her 9 month old spit up. So then she proceeded to do her motherly duties and clean her son and his toys up.

So maybe Uncle Al is right... I think I'm being well-prepared for some day.


  1. Awe, sorry your dog got sick! It's never fun when they aren't feeling well.

  2. Oh I so agree...a dog and teaching...two things God put in my life to prepare me like crazy for motherhood.


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