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My Last School Year

School has started back up again, and I have mixed feelings about it. I have loved summer and the freedom that came with it. And honestly, I am not so much looking forward to all the reading and papers that accompany my classes. That said, I am excited to graduate, so excited, in fact, that I signed up for 6 classes! Crazy, right? The good news is that the beginning of the school year means I am at the beginning of my last year! So this week I have just been reminding myself, as I look at my syllabi - One more year.

But as I sit in class each day, I am just in awe that I get to experience being in such a wonderful environment, sitting next to and being taught by fellow believers. Why am I so anxious to get out? Never again will I have this opportunity. I get to learn about God's Word from those who treasure it. As ready as I am to get out of school, the truth is I love my classes. So instead of thinking One more year, I should be absorbing as much as I can and enjoying every minute…

My Babies

This is what I get to come home to.
And I love it.

SMU Small Group Reunion 2009

This past weekend, my small group from college reunited at a friend's ranch in East Texas. It was such a wonderful time together, especially since now only 4 of us are living in Dallas. I forget how much I miss that sweet fellowship with such Godly women.
Love you girls. Thanks for such a fun weekend.

Moving Meredith into Baylor

Today Brendon and I drove down to help his family move his youngest sister, Meredith, into her dorm at Baylor! I was amazed at the hospitality there! Baylor had a team of 1500 students there to help move freshmen in. His parents pulled up their cars, and the students unloaded it. All Meredith had to do was walk up to her room, and all of her stuff was there. We didn't have to carry a single box! Amazing. Love that service! We did get to help her arrange all of her things though, go on a Target run, and eat a wonderful lunch. It was a fun day in Waco!

Dogs need exercise.

I walk the dog every morning. That, or she has a play date with a neighbor dog. Though she doesn't always show it, Sammy has a ton of energy, as most Aussies do. While I was in NYC, she sat in the backyard alone for three days straight, and I am pretty sure she was only walked one of those evenings, leaving her with bounds of energy each day.

This is what I came home to:

We learned our lesson. She must be walked at the beginning of every day.

Gap 1969

This week I attended a party sponsored by Gap, thrown by moderneve, and received a free pair of Gap's new 1969 line of always skinny jeans! I have never had a pair of skinny jeans before. They've always intimidated me. Extremely trendy. Really tight. But I tried some on, and they're great! I can't wait until it's actually cool enough to wear them!

Picture courtesy of Gap
Click on the picture to order your own.

I'm still not sure I'm confident enough for these heels though. For now, I'll stick with Rainbows.

NYC Girls Trip

This past week I went to NYC with SMom, Anabelle, and Meg. We met up with some good friends. We shopped, ate, saw some shows, and had a blast.

We saw Phantom of the Opera and crammed into a bicycle taxi to get there!

And we went to the underground Apple store. Very cool looking. And it's open 24 hours a day!

We celebrated SMom and Taylor's birthdays at Tao. (Their food is amazing, especially dessert!)

And of course, we road the subway! Gotta love public transportation.

Brendon's cousin Amy came and met up with us! This is outside the church by the WTC. Then we went to China Town, lunch, and Soho!

And somewhere along the way we saw "Reade St." and had to stop for a picture.

In Soho, there was a cute mini cupcake stand called "Baked by Melissa." So cute and tasty. Homemade. Much better than Sprinkles! Plus they are snack size.

Yes, we saw The Little Mermaid. I must say, I had doubts. But this show was actually really great. The costumes were amazing! And who does…

New York, New York

Picture courtesy of ABC News

I love New York City. I love the fast pace, the lights, the busyness, the food, the shows, the shopping, the parks, not to mention the people watching. And though I would not want to live there, it is a fantastic place to visit. And lucky me, I get to go this week! I don't even know what all we are going to do. But I know it will be great. New York never disappoints.