My Last School Year

School has started back up again, and I have mixed feelings about it. I have loved summer and the freedom that came with it. And honestly, I am not so much looking forward to all the reading and papers that accompany my classes. That said, I am excited to graduate, so excited, in fact, that I signed up for 6 classes! Crazy, right? The good news is that the beginning of the school year means I am at the beginning of my last year! So this week I have just been reminding myself, as I look at my syllabi - One more year.

But as I sit in class each day, I am just in awe that I get to experience being in such a wonderful environment, sitting next to and being taught by fellow believers. Why am I so anxious to get out? Never again will I have this opportunity. I get to learn about God's Word from those who treasure it. As ready as I am to get out of school, the truth is I love my classes. So instead of thinking One more year, I should be absorbing as much as I can and enjoying every minute of it. I am so blessed, and I take it for granted.


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