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Home Sweet Home

Alas it's fall! It feels AMAZING here in Dallas. Hopefully the cool weather won't be too short lived. Anyway I probably have one million updates to post, seeing as this blog is mainly to keep friends and family up to date on life. A lot has happened in the last two months! I only have a few minutes tonight, so let's see what I can cover in that time. (I apologize in advance for typos.)

Of course, our biggest update is our house! Finally after THREE months, we are back in our house, and dare I say, the whole leak fiasco/ renovation is complete?! It's been an adventure. We were delayed up front due to mitigation taking forever to start and then uncovering mold that we had to deal with. Once that was finished, we could actually start the rebuild process, which was much more promising and exciting. We used that time to choose new wall colors, open up a wall between the living room and kitchen, and add wood floors to our living room. The girls figured out about this time th…