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First tooth

This guy slept through dinner out last night and then cut his first tooth! Hooray! Here's to hoping more sleep is coming our way! 

Four months Mister James!

James is four months! I would've posted sooner, but as soon as we got back from Houston, he got a cold, hit four month sleep regression, and started cutting his first tooth. Whew it's been fun times! Thankfully though he really is such a good baby. His fussy is nothing compared to some others. Plus he's just a third born. Poor kid. He's going to be so well-adjusted.
James at four months --  Drooling like crazy, with hands all up in his mouth. I can feel the sharp edge of a tooth just below his gum. The bottom gums are super swollen.On the mouth front, he's having his tongue tie lasered next week. Pray for us!Scoots around on his back. If I set him on the play mat, he moves all around and off the mat. Loves to chat and coo.Loves to face out. Momma got the ergo360 to accommodate. (Thanks China and eBay for also accommodating my budget!)6-9 months clothesSize 2 diapers but not for much longer. I'm trying to finish them up. We have size 3 waiting.Still takes a bottle…

Houston day 7 - Easter

He is risen! Happy Easter, y'all!

Houston day 6


Houston day 5

We took lots of pictures with Grammy and cousins!  Anabelle and Meg made it back into town, so we had dinner with them and Tita and the whole crew! 

Pictures from the day before that I had sent to me... we got to see Aunt Amy, the baby whisperer too! ;)

Houston day 4

We played with Mimi this morning, dyed Easter eggs with Morgan after school, and had dinner with Pappy and family this evening. It was a fun day with family!

Houston Day 3

Today the girls played with Grammy and went to Target. Of course, they found treasures at Target! They love that place! (No photo today since I wasn't there but photos with Grammy to come.) 
While they were there James and I had lunch with Tita. I was pleasantly surprised how well James did at lunch. He sat in his car seat happily for at least half an hour before expressing his need to be held.
This evening we met Mimi for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory on the patio. The dinner was a comedy of errors. Lil was just excited to play games with Mimi and didn't quite know when to calm down. Honestly though, that was fine. She was just excited. Adeline ranged from very silly and hyper, rolling around on the patio seat cushions, to bawling. I kept having to reign her in. At one point she burst into tears because she realized she got a dot of ketchup on her bunny clothes pin Mimi had given her. 🙄😂 And James was fussy, which is pretty mild honestly for a baby. Towards the end of dinn…