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James at 7 months

James, you are such a ray of sunshine. I appreciate your happy disposition and go with the flow attitude. I'm thankful each day for you. I love getting to sit and just rock you to sleep.
Highlights from this month include: sink baths, baby food pouches (on the run), your first trip on an airplane and to a different state. You are almost crawling. You fully sit up by yourself. And you love playing in the water. Swimming and sink baths are probably your favorite activities.
Sleep is still a dream for momma. You were letting me give you a dream feed and then you'd sleep till sunlight. Now you've decided to wake up a couple of times in between, and mom is tired. We need to work on that. 
We had a mishap yesterday that wound us at urgent care. You decided to check out what momma was cutting. And mom should've known better. The very tip top of your index finger got cut off. Oh I've never felt so terrible. I love you, little buddy. The doctor said you're going to be okay…

Colorado, part 2

We left Carbondale and went to Breckenridge, where we spent a couple days to ourselves before Pappy and the girls met up with us.
Some of our friends were there at the same time, so we met up with them at an old train museum/ playground.
And we roamed the streets of Breckenridge.

Adeline managed to lock herself in a bathroom when the girls were playing hide and seek. That was an adventure! But Lilleigh slid Monopoly money under the door to keep Adeline entertained during the half hour (!!) it took for us to get her out!

When Pappy and the girls got there, we went up on the mountain to do the trampoline, the Alpine slide, the maze, etc. The girls had a blast!

And one night Pappy offered to take all five girls to dinner while Brendon, James, and I had a date night! That was amazing! And it sounds like he got quite the Adeline experience too. Lots of emotions and tears.

We had to take pics of he chipmunks! Because chipmunks.

Then we all moved to the Vail Four Seasons, which was amazing. If we h…

Visiting Beautiful Colorado, part 1

We recently traveled to Colorado, where our first stop was Carbondale to see Brendon's grandparents. It was sweet time spent with them. His grandmother adored James and loved holding him every chance she got. James loved it too! 

Grandma was able to come to the house for a visit while we were there. She loved listening to Brendon play piano. We also played cards out on the patio while the girls played.

The girls love going to the playground, so we usually try to do a few meals with Grandma out by that playground.

Grandma and Papa have swans that live on their pond. The swans are beautiful and love to be fed. Don't get in their way though because they'll honk, spread out their wings, and show your who's boss! 

And as usual James continued to get his regular sink baths after meals. He's an eager and messy eater!