Colorado, part 2

We left Carbondale and went to Breckenridge, where we spent a couple days to ourselves before Pappy and the girls met up with us.

Some of our friends were there at the same time, so we met up with them at an old train museum/ playground.

And we roamed the streets of Breckenridge.


Adeline managed to lock herself in a bathroom when the girls were playing hide and seek. That was an adventure! But Lilleigh slid Monopoly money under the door to keep Adeline entertained during the half hour (!!) it took for us to get her out!


When Pappy and the girls got there, we went up on the mountain to do the trampoline, the Alpine slide, the maze, etc. The girls had a blast!



And one night Pappy offered to take all five girls to dinner while Brendon, James, and I had a date night! That was amazing! And it sounds like he got quite the Adeline experience too. Lots of emotions and tears.


We had to take pics of he chipmunks! Because chipmunks.



Then we all moved to the Vail Four Seasons, which was amazing. If we had been in a hotel like that for a month last summer, I may not have ever left. Dreamy.






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