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One month

Dear third born child,     You are one month old! The month has flown by - and I'm thankful because asking Momma to survive on such short increments of sleep, 45 min to an hour and a half, for three weeks is a little nuts-o! Thankfully you started to stretch to 3 and 4 hours... for all of two nights before getting your first cold. Now we've been stuck at 2ish again for about a week. But it's better than it was. I'm praying you're well soon - both because you sound miserable and because I want more sleep.      Sometimes late at night, before bed, you cry, and I can't figure out why. It's the end of the day, and I'm beyond tired anyway. I try to get you to nurse. again. after you've already cluster-fed. I try to lay you down to sleep. Or rock you to sleep. Or sway you to sleep. Or even just cuddle you to sleep. Sometimes you like that. Especially if mixed with rocking. Usually I conclude that you're overtired. Big sis Adeline used to get overtired …


Brendon captured some great photos of the girls playing with what remained of our snow the day after our snow day last week.

Our Sweet Baby BOY!

It has been such a whirlwind since our sweet James got here! I still can't believe we have a BOY! What a fun addition to our crew! 

The girls love him... they constantly want to hold him and are always talking to him in high pitch voices. This kid will hopefully develop lost of patience and have a tender side, with two big sisters! 
Labor was super fast - and I'm thankful! I had been having contractions at night for about two weeks... prodromal labor I guess... or practice labor, whatever you want to call it. According to my midwife, this becomes more common once you start having 3+ kids, though not everyone gets it. The prodromal labor, while miserable, does help your body to progress, which often makes labor really fast. And that's pretty much what happened!
Other than terrible morning sickness I felt great most of my pregnancy... I gained less weight and had more energy. At 38.5 weeks though, I reached "done" - I started becoming uncomfortable when I walked; fake…