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Summer, so far: A Wedding, Cousins, Colorado, More

We are still in June, yet it has been a busy summer!

To start with, we visited family in Kansas for my cousin Michael's wedding. We just love his bride, Elizabeth! She's darling! It's always so refreshing to get out of Dallas and drive to the country to go visit this side of the family.

Lil is really into playing "wedding" right now, so she sat perched up in the balcony, watching the whole thing, like a little birdie. I had to walk out with Adeline soon after the ceremony started, and Lilleigh was happy to stay there without me. Never happens. That tells you how into the wedding she was!

When we got back, Ryan, Tarryn, and their boys came to visit. The cousins LOVED playing together! It was precious. (For some reason, the other photos won't upload, so just imagine lots of running, jumping, and playing in the rain!)

Lilleigh also participated in Vacation Bible School at a nearby church. She was giddy to go each day! I think it was her "school" fix si…