Summer, so far: A Wedding, Cousins, Colorado, More

We are still in June, yet it has been a busy summer!

To start with, we visited family in Kansas for my cousin Michael's wedding. We just love his bride, Elizabeth! She's darling! It's always so refreshing to get out of Dallas and drive to the country to go visit this side of the family.

Lil is really into playing "wedding" right now, so she sat perched up in the balcony, watching the whole thing, like a little birdie. I had to walk out with Adeline soon after the ceremony started, and Lilleigh was happy to stay there without me. Never happens. That tells you how into the wedding she was!

When we got back, Ryan, Tarryn, and their boys came to visit. The cousins LOVED playing together! It was precious. (For some reason, the other photos won't upload, so just imagine lots of running, jumping, and playing in the rain!)

Lilleigh also participated in Vacation Bible School at a nearby church. She was giddy to go each day! I think it was her "school" fix since we do school at home. :) She had a good group of friends there, and we were super impressed with the set up!

We've been on a mission to serve this summer. A group from church organized activities throughout the summer, some to do with a group and some on your own. So far, we have cleaned up a local park and collect PB&J for a local food pantry for kids who rely on school meals through the school year. I loved this project because Lilleigh could grasp the concept of kids her age needing to have lunch and collecting PB&J for that cause.

And somehow, my sweet group of friends from high school (well really even going back to second grade and fifth grade!) all moved here! Tess has been here since college, like me, but we were thrilled for Charlotte and Blakely to end up here as well!

Just last week we went to Colorado to visit Brendon's grandparents. His Aunt Sue and Uncle Al were there also, which was so fun since we don't often see them. We had a great time! I loved watching Lilleigh go often chatting with Grandma down by the lake or in the garden. Those two talked for hours, which is so special! She also just adored hearing all about rocks from Papa, and she is still carrying around her "special geode" that he gave her!

The way home was an adventure. We were supposed to leave Aspen on a direct flight to Dallas, getting in at 7 PM. Because of mechanical issues, the plane never arrived in Aspen, so we were rerouted to Denver for a flight to Dallas, but then with weather in Dallas being bad, flights were continually delayed or cancelled. We made it to our house at 2 AM! It was quite the adventure. Unfortunately, Adeline also couldn't get comfy and slept a total of 20 minutes. Both girls cried some... to be expected at that time of night. Needless to say, we were glad to get home!


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