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Lil laughed!

Lilleigh laughed! And the best part is that it was at Sammy! So cute! I put her in front of her mobile and ran to get my iPhone, to get this moment on video, and then tried to get her to laugh again. Of course, this isn't the same at all. But it's sort-of a laugh!

Baby Weight

I have to confess. I have totally been down on myself about all this baby weight. It's been almost 3 months since I gave birth, and aside from the initial amount I lost with having Lil, I've lost nothing. Yep, zip. I've never had a weight issue. Ever. I used to not be able to gain weight for the life of me. Now I need to lose it.

The funny thing is that I look at myself in the mirror and think I look great for just having a baby - in a non-prideful way, of course. I just think I look normal. I'm happy with my actually appearance. Sure I'd love for a little chub to go away, but it doesn't get to me. But I'll tell you what does get to me. Trying to wear my old clothes.

Every so often I try on my old jeans, only to find that I can't get them up past my thighs. I bought a pair of "in-between" jeans. They're TWO waist sizes bigger than my old ones! Ouch.

When I was pregnant, moms constantly told me, "Oh you'll lose all that breastfeed…

ABC Family has sucked me in.

When Lilleigh was born, we started subscribing to Netflix. We figure I'm at home nursing her so much, that it's nice to have something on TV or DVD that I can watch. Remember, we don't have cable. So TV options during the day are limited. Haha!

Anyway, I have found a few great shows on Netflix instant queue. They've sucked me in.

1. The Secret Life of the American Teenager
I know. I'm embarrassed to admit that I am now completely caught up on this show and have to watch current episodes on Hulu. I watched it once after Lil was born. It was okay. Then after two more episodes, I was completely sucked in.
Yes, it's about teen pregnancy and teen sex. Ridiculous. I sure hope high school is not like this! It wasn't when I was there, or maybe I was just oblivious. Either way, for the content, this show is pretty clean. It's no Grey's. Thank goodness. It's ABC Family... they keep it clean!

2. Greek
OMG. I love this show! I am currently watching it. And …

Happy Easter!

How is it already Easter? Where have I been?

Here are some pictures from our Easter photo shoot earlier this evening!

Our little girl was spoiled by her grandparents! Look at all those Easter gifts! This is a glimpse into our future. Life with 5 sets of grandparents... not counting greats!

Happy Easter, everyone! Love, Lilleigh

Cloth Diapering

Many of you have asked about cloth diapering, which is so encouraging to me! So far I'm loving them! I've been using them for about a month now, but I have a system in place. It's really not more work, in my opinion, than disposable diapers.

Our Cloth Diapers
In our collection, we have 3 Happy Heinys, 14 Bum Genius 4.0s (a combo of both velcro and snaps), and 7 small & medium gdiapers.

Happy Heiny's One Size Cloth Diapers (Silly Monkeys)
These diapers are one size fits all. The rows of snaps you see are  used to fold the diaper down, snapping it together, to make it smaller or larger. The great thing about one size fits all is that the diaper works from the time your baby is a newborn (or really about 8 lbs) to potty training.

I like how the velcro tabs on Happy Heinys are thicker than the Bum Genius. And the pink on the left can velcro onto the white on the right, making for a tighter fit. On that note, it also seems slimmer than the Bum Genius, in my opinion. I lik…

2 Months!

Today Lilleigh is two months old!

This month Lil has...
Gained better control of her neck. She lifts her head side to side when put on her tummy. Mastered breastfeeding. I can now sit her on my lap, as if she's sitting up, to feed. No more Boppy or My Brest Friend. Her latch has also greatly improved. Now nursing truly is painless. Started sleeping through the night! 7-9 hours is a good night. Sometimes she's still only sleeps 5, but that's better than 3, which is what a lot of babies her age do.Decided not to take a bottle. Grr. She was taking a bottle - until she figured out the difference between the breast and the bottle. Mom's goal for month 3 is to reverse this decision.Begun responding! She smiles and coos. LOVE it!Lost a lot but not all of her hair. It's growing back, but bows are life savers! Grown a ton! She now weighs 11 lbs, 6 oz.Started drooling. Two months is early for that I guess, which the pediatrician says means she'll probably teethe early - p…

The New Mobile

Lil is in LOVE with this new mobile I got her today. After taking note of how much she loves her swing mobile, I headed to BuyBuy Baby with gift cards in hand, and bought this new Tiny Love Nature's Serenade Mobile* for the babe. She LOVES it! And Mom and Dad love it too. Not only does it play music for 20 minutes (a long time for a mobile!), but it also has a remote! Woohoo! I can turn it on without going in her room - a big plus.

So after setting up the mobile, I set Lil in her crib. I started hearing a lot of commotion, so I thought she might be getting fussy. But noooope. This is what I found. (And there was a lot more babbling pre-video.)

*I really wanted a mobile that was a little more clean looking... this one is sorta an eye-sore, along with all of the other Tiny Love mobiles. But this was got the most recommendations from friends and had the best reviews on Amazon. Plus the 20-minute music playing and remote are major pluses in my book!

Cloth Diaper Q&A Coming Soon

Several of you have contacted me asking how cloth diapering is going. I am working on a post for you! I'd love to know any specific questions you have! Otherwise I'll give you my thoughts and experience with them thus far. But just thought I'd open it up to you!

What would you like to know? Ask away!