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Nesting and Home Projects: The Living Room and Kitchen

We are in full nesting mode here! And dare I say Brendon might be too? He's certainly been taking on some awesome lighting projects! Family and friends have been asking for photos, and since this is our first day in five days with Internet, I'm finally uploading some photos! And since I can't even remember the last time every room of my house was clean and clutter-free, I think it's best we just do the tour one room at a time.

We will start with the living room! Randi came over and did some rearranging. First thing she did was push down the couch and side table a bit to the right and then push back the recliner, to open the room a little. In the rearranging process, the green chaise had to go (a later photo), so I've been trying to add more color. Since this photo was taken, I've already added some some blue-green chevron pillows.

Another view.

And when we had an electrician out this week, I went ahead and had him run a cable down a new wall for our TV. Shocki…

Mom's Day Off

My awesome hubby did it again and blessed me with another day off! Okay, so it ended up being more of a morning off... this pregnant momma really can't survive these days without a nap!

Anyway, he gave me some spending money and gave me two requirements: 1) To spend the money, and 2) To do something fun! (Last time I didn't do a great job of either of these...)

So off I went to get a mani and pedi. Pretty toes and a foot rub make all things better. Well, the only thing better might be an awesome deal. And we have pretty much the greatest nail place ever right by my house - they give awesome manis and pedis, without skimping on time, and it's $30 for both. LOVE.

Then I was off to the Galleria, where...

I bought some shoes. A deal? Why, yes. 15% off, thank you very much.

Made a Starbucks stop. I broke my one Starbucks per week rule. But I figured since I had skipped it entirely the week before that it was okay. And I only got a tall.

Then I stopped in at Francesca's and …

A Big Sister Update!

With all the pregnancy updates, I figure it's time for a big sister update!

What characterizes Lilleigh at the moment?
She's a great eater. Even when she doesn't like something, she usually doesn't throw a fit about eating it. She's really not picky, which is amazing, considering who her parents are! I think it's because we were intentional early on about feeding her healthy meals and snacks and minimal sugar, and we've always made her eat what's in front of her. Though she's reserved when you meet her, get to know her and she's super chatty! Like talk your ear off for an hour or more, chatty! She's me as a child. I'm pretty sure it's just a sign of her intelligence though! ;)We listen to Seeds of Worship in the car a lot, and it makes my heart rejoice to hear her singing the words of Scripture! What a beautiful thing!  "Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, where thieves do not break i…


Over Memorial Day, we went with my dad, brother, and sister to Breckenridge! We ate lots of yummy food - the highlights involved waffles and chicken, baked Alaska, and a homemade peanut butter cup my dad tried to steal from me! We also did some walking around town and shopping, got massages, saw a fox aka "Swiper" (Lilleigh's highlight!), and went to garage sales! Brendon's grandparents also drove over for lunch one afternoon as well, which was fun to see them!

By the end of the trip, we had eaten out so much that Lil's tummy was not having it... made for a fun day at the airport! Oh and the TSA broke our Phil and Teds travel bag. Boooo. But over all, a fun trip!