Over Memorial Day, we went with my dad, brother, and sister to Breckenridge! We ate lots of yummy food - the highlights involved waffles and chicken, baked Alaska, and a homemade peanut butter cup my dad tried to steal from me! We also did some walking around town and shopping, got massages, saw a fox aka "Swiper" (Lilleigh's highlight!), and went to garage sales! Brendon's grandparents also drove over for lunch one afternoon as well, which was fun to see them!

Fam photo! Don't mind my closed eyes... bleh! Good of everyone else though!

Brendon's grandparents came over for lunch one day!

We celebrated Anabelle's birthday! And William LOOOVED Lilleigh - well until she started wanting to sit on his lap all the time, and then he was done. Typical.

The best little homemade donut shop around town!

Carved bears in stores are fun!

We went into a store with Anabelle, and I caught Lilleigh doing this. Totally candid. She was oblivious to me taking a photo.

Best daddy ever! Carrying his little girl around town on his shoulders. Oh and check out Lil's red glitter Toms we found at a garage sale! $10 for brand new ones!!

Airport! It's hard to see, but Lilleigh has her first braid in her hair!

By the end of the trip, we had eaten out so much that Lil's tummy was not having it... made for a fun day at the airport! Oh and the TSA broke our Phil and Teds travel bag. Boooo. But over all, a fun trip!


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