Nesting and Home Projects: The Living Room and Kitchen

We are in full nesting mode here! And dare I say Brendon might be too? He's certainly been taking on some awesome lighting projects! Family and friends have been asking for photos, and since this is our first day in five days with Internet, I'm finally uploading some photos! And since I can't even remember the last time every room of my house was clean and clutter-free, I think it's best we just do the tour one room at a time.

We will start with the living room! Randi came over and did some rearranging. First thing she did was push down the couch and side table a bit to the right and then push back the recliner, to open the room a little. In the rearranging process, the green chaise had to go (a later photo), so I've been trying to add more color. Since this photo was taken, I've already added some some blue-green chevron pillows.

Another view.


And when we had an electrician out this week, I went ahead and had him run a cable down a new wall for our TV. Shocking I know. After almost two years, we brought the TV back to the living room. It was wonderful not having one in the living area, but I'm thinking with a toddler and newborn, I'm going to need a little help while nursing.

You'll also notice that the green chaise has been moved. It is now in our bedroom. And the glider is out in the living room, more of a space issue, though I think it'll be great for nursing while Lilleigh plays.

And the green window behind the TV will be moved. It just hasn't happened yet. And that black canvas to the left of the glider is our summer (aka pre-Adeline) bucket list.

Lilleigh's play area is still behind the couch too! Our living room is huge, and we love that about it! I love that she can play with all of her favorite things and hang out with us at the same time!

And I finally painted the awesome dress-up bin Papa Larry had made for Lilleigh for Christmas!

Brendon has been installing some lights in the kitchen too. Sorry I don't really have a before picture. But we just had a normal light where that was so-so, where the ceiling fan is. And the ceiling fan was a total need in the galley kitchen, which gets oh-so-hot when cooking! We've never had "enough" light in the kitchen though, according to Brendon, so he installed two can lights, one on either side of the fan. Don't they look great?

We've been loving our much brighter kitchen! I may add painting kitchen cabinets to my list of projects. Doubtful that it will happen before Adeline comes though!


  1. Good Job! Randi did great re-arranging. I love it all!


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