A Big Sister Update!

With all the pregnancy updates, I figure it's time for a big sister update!

What characterizes Lilleigh at the moment?
  • She's a great eater. Even when she doesn't like something, she usually doesn't throw a fit about eating it. She's really not picky, which is amazing, considering who her parents are! I think it's because we were intentional early on about feeding her healthy meals and snacks and minimal sugar, and we've always made her eat what's in front of her. 
  • Though she's reserved when you meet her, get to know her and she's super chatty! Like talk your ear off for an hour or more, chatty! She's me as a child. I'm pretty sure it's just a sign of her intelligence though! ;)
  • We listen to Seeds of Worship in the car a lot, and it makes my heart rejoice to hear her singing the words of Scripture! What a beautiful thing!  "Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." (Matthew 6:20-21) She loves repeating the last part - "There your heart will be also." Oh sweet thing! I hope she takes that verse to heart.
  • On the note of singing, she loves singing period. She also loves to dance and loves the piano. I think she may have gotten some of her daddy's musical genes!
  • I've started letting her watch PBS Kids online, since our KERA station (same as PBS) hasn't been working. And she loves Daniel Tiger, Word World, and The Cat in the Hat! 
  • Other than playing dress up, her favorite pastime is playing with her mouse house that Papa Larry gave her! Oh she loooves that house!
  • Now that I am preparing for Adeline, I am so wishing I had written down somewhere (even the blog!) the sizes Lilleigh wore and when. For the most part, I know she has been her size to a T in clothes. i.e. At 3 months, she wore 3 months, and at 4 months, 3-6 month clothes fit better. But I wish I'd written diaper and shoe sizes... Sooo her sizes now are 24 months (some) and 2T; size 7 shoes, though she may be moving up to more 7.5; diaper size 4, though she only wears those at nap and night; and her undies are 2/3T but she could prob move up a size... depends on brand.
  • She loves to wear her hair in a pony tail or a braid, with a clip in her hair. 
  • She insists on wearing dresses. Leggings are okay. Pants, not so much.
  • Lilleigh loves having her nails painted. Speaking of nails, she's been biting them! Grr! 
  • Is she ready for baby sister? Well she says she is, but I am pretty sure she will still be caught off guard when Adeline actually arrives. We babysat a friend's baby today, and I got more than one scowl for holding her... yikes! More on that to come. For now, here are photos...

She has discovered that my tummy is a good pillow! She loves lifting my shirt to see my belly button, point to it, and say "There's Adeline!" Ha. Sweet girl!

She loves to dance, and she loves her sweet friends! Maddie is a friend she adores.

Sweet girls dancing! And Lilleigh is in a Minnie Mouse dress... mine from when I was 3 for Halloween. My mom made it, so it's fun that Lilleigh loves it so much. At the moment, it's her favorite dress up outfit.

She helped me bake cupcakes the other day! After all, Fancy Nancy (her favorite book character) bakes cupcakes, so Lilleigh must also! I didn't even try homemade this time, since my last attempt was a failure. We went for the good stuff. Lilleigh loved eating the powdered mix and then the batter! And of course, the cupcakes!

She looooves her mouse house!

Big girl pig tails! Like for real - on the side of her head and long!

Eek I love this munchkin! She also insists on getting in and out of her car seat all by herself "just like Emily Elizabeth" (the blonde girl who owns Clifford the big red dog).

And I LOOOOVE the matching big sis/ little sis dresses Lilleigh and I picked out online! We ordered them from my friend Dana's Etsy shop! We just got them today. Aren't they adorable! Obsessed.


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