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These sweet girlies

Adeline is now 15 months, and Lilleigh is 3-3/4... The latter is very important, as I am constantly being told new ideas for her next birthday party. Apparently I outdid myself last year with that castle. This year's goal is to scale back!

Because Adeline is still at an age where she is changing constantly, here's an update on that sweet one...
Adeline loves to say "mama" and are totally sounds like a little French girl when she does. Other words she says: sisser (sister), sissy, sing (swing), yiyi (Lilleigh), dada, mo (more, though she's said it only once), hi. She crawls everywhere and is into everything! She's climbing also and loves to go to the play areas at the mall and Chickfila! She also loves to swing in the backyard and playground.When we read books at bedtime, Little One has started crawling into Daddy's lap. Lilleigh is such a Daddy's girl, and Adeline is following in her footsteps! It's really sweet to watch.Adeline just took her firs…