These sweet girlies

Adeline is now 15 months, and Lilleigh is 3-3/4... The latter is very important, as I am constantly being told new ideas for her next birthday party. Apparently I outdid myself last year with that castle. This year's goal is to scale back!

Because Adeline is still at an age where she is changing constantly, here's an update on that sweet one...

  • Adeline loves to say "mama" and are totally sounds like a little French girl when she does. Other words she says: sisser (sister), sissy, sing (swing), yiyi (Lilleigh), dada, mo (more, though she's said it only once), hi. 
  • She crawls everywhere and is into everything! She's climbing also and loves to go to the play areas at the mall and Chickfila! She also loves to swing in the backyard and playground.
  • When we read books at bedtime, Little One has started crawling into Daddy's lap. Lilleigh is such a Daddy's girl, and Adeline is following in her footsteps! It's really sweet to watch.
  • Adeline just took her first steps! Eek! She definitely still prefers to walk around with assistance or crawl, but we are working on it! 
  • As for napping, she started dropping her nap around 11 months, but she has since then gone back and forth between wanting that morning nap and being totally over it. It's exhausting to keep up with quite honestly, but I am thankful that she's a good sleeper in general, and that she is happy to be on the go and miss her nap if that's what our day entails!
  • She has gotten a little pickier in recent months, but overall she still eats pretty well. Half of it is just momma needing to figure out what she will eat and then making those things! She loves egg, oatmeal, fried rice, sausage, berries, whole apple... she's not really one for veggies, but I'm trying to get those in there as I can. For example, pumpkin puree in oatmeal is a recent favorite!
  • After a few months of crying at church childcare drop off, Adeline has warmed up and decided to be happy at drop off time. She's always been happy while she is there. Drop off was just an issue for awhile. It seems she's grown out of that though - I hope! 
  • Adeline loves to give kisses and blow kisses! And Lilleigh blows them right back!
  • Our little peanut is in size 12 month clothes (as of recently!), size 3 shoes, size 3 diapers. I think she's destined to be petite, just like her Momma!

And a Lilleigh update...

  • This girl loves to play with her little sister! It's so fun watching them play together because they really have the best time. I am constantly telling them that they'll be best friends one day, and I love watching that come true, even now.
  • She's tall! I can barely hold her. Really. It's not that she's weighs too much. She's just so tall! 
  • Lilleigh recently came to me one morning and said she wanted her hair in a pony tail like mine. Looking in the mirror, I realized I had a poof bobby pinned on top, so I did the same to her hair and put it in a pony tail. She looked in the mirror and said, "No. I want my pony tail to be curly, like yours." Sweet girlie! We are always wanting what we don't have, as evidenced even by this 3-year-old! So we set out for foam rollers at Target! 
  • Some of Lilleigh's favorite things to do include playing outside, singing, doing crafts, learning in "Explorer School," baking with Mom, and reading. 
  • Anyone who has been around Lilleigh for a lengthy period of time knows that she is quite the thinker. She processes things deeply. I find I have to be very careful what I say around her or how I share information with her. I've heard to only share with a child as much as they ask for and nothing more. That's not a rule I can follow. She really asks for more information that I feel comfortable giving her at the moment. We had this come up recently with a situation I was preparing her for, and I was truly shocked by her perceptions at age 3 and how her little mind fits different puzzle pieces together. She's a smart cookie! Nothing gets by her.
  • Lilleigh is a 4T (as of recently) and a size 9/10 shoe! She's definitely going to be taller. I love seeing how God has made each of our girls uniquely and wonderfully, in every realm from size to personality to their personal milestones. 
Well that's the latest on these two! These sweet girls are keeping me laughing and on my toes!


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