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8-Month-Old Adeline

Adeline is 8 months old!!

Sweet girl has decided she wants to be awake longer, which is great by me - we love having her company! She can't really seem to decide what time suits her best though... Some days she wakes up an extra hour (or two!) early. Some, she wakes normal time but then wants to go to bed an hour and a half later. And other times, she barely takes a morning or afternoon nap. So we are sorta trying to figure out her new sleep/wake schedule at the moment!

She loves to roll around to play with her toys. She's sitting up - assisted. That seems so late to me, but apparently there's a very large "normal" range for sitting up on their own. I have a feeling she will become stable sitting up and learn to crawl very quickly after! She loves playing with her feet and lying on her tummy. Playing on her tummy (or rolling) with toys and playing in the exersaucer are two of her favorite activities!

Adeline cut her first two teeth! Both on the bottom! And last w…

Brendon in Israel

Recently Brendon had the opportunity to go to Israel with work! While he was there, he took several videos for Lilleigh and texted them to me. It is so neat to get to see where stories we read in the Bible actually took place. And the fact that they are from an awesome daddy to his sweet girl makes them even more precious! Brendon gave me permission to post them to share with y'all, so I'm including them below! Enjoy!

These first three are from Lazarus' tomb.

Here are the temple steps. Don't mind the fact that the screen flips. Good to know for the future.

The Valley of Elah, where David fought Goliath.