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Discipline is hard!

In the last few months we have had to start thinking about discipline. It really started when Lil was 10 or 11 months old I want to say (can't quite remember). She was messing with an electrical outlet cover (not to worry they ARE covered!) and I repeatedly said "no" sternly and redirected her. Yet time and time again she went back, smiled, and looked at me, waiting. That was our first experience with spanking. And she has not messed with the outlets since then. I wanted to make sure that on our first real time of testing I made an impression AND that outlets are a big no-no.

At Lil's age "time out" seems pointless because unless she's in a crib, I can't make her stay some place secluded, and she doesn't understand. Plus, I don't ever want her crib to be a bad place, so I hope to avoid using it for time out. (I know people differ on this stance. No judgment.) For discipline, we really need an immediate consequence. This may be a spank on the…

14 Months!

By this time, Lilleigh is really 14-1/2 months, but oh well!

Lilleigh at 14 months...
Says A LOT of words. Right around 13 months she had a vocab spurt. I kept expecting a spurt and then plateau, but that really hasn't happened. It seems that everyday she says more and more. Her words include: Dada, more, milk, Mom, Mama, Mammy (Sammy), ball (which she says in the grocery store around oranges and lemons etc. SO funny!), dog,woof woof (both for a dog's sound and her favorite lovey), meow, moo, down, up, no (oh, that's a fun one!), peas (please), da-du (thank you), bow (she says after she's dressed because naturally it's time to pick our a hair bow. that's my girl!), yeesh (for shoe... she has the "sh" at least), nana (banana), and I'm sure lots of others I can't think of. She also has a word for wagon but I can't remember how she says it. I so love learning her language! And it makes me happy that we can communicate! We are still doing baby …

He is risen!

I am late in posting Easter photos, but alas here they are! We had a wonderful time visiting family in Houston!