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27 Weeks!

I am 27-weeks tomorrow! I really thought I was already 27 weeks... does that just show you how different pregnancy is second time around compared to first? #cantkeepup

Exercise: I'm still trying to stay active! It's getting a lit hot (already) to be walking in the afternoons, so I've been doing a lot of at home work-outs, realistically around 3x a week, though I aim for more. I also did prenatal yoga for the first time this week. I loved it. May be a good way to diversify my exercising!

Eating: No real cravings and no real aversions either. Still trying to eat healthy. Still no black tea, other than my weekly chai latte treat. That said, fermented tea is a different story - I'm loving kombucha. And I am trying my first batch today of iced tea, made with pregnancy and red raspberry leaf teas. Here's to hoping it satisfies my taste for good ole iced tea!

Body: Other than my bump, I haven't had much weight gain elsewhere yet. I'm sure it's only a matter of t…

Baptism Video

This video from baptism Sunday just aired at church yesterday. You can see Brendon getting dunked twice and me once. Check it out!
Baptism 2013 Final from Watermark Community Church on Vimeo.

And some photos from the video...

Tornado Season Is Upon Us

Spring time in North Texas means tornadoes! Dallas is at the Southern tip of tornado alley, and since both Brendon and I grew up in Houston, tornadoes were a new thing to us when we moved here. Last night we had several in the area. Thankfully none touched down by us. But when the sirens went off at 10 PM, I still went and grabbed Lilleigh, and she, Sammy, and I went to our premade pallet in the hallway to wait it out.

Living in tornado alley is a little scary when you hear those sirens. If only we had basements in Dallas! They say to go to the bathroom, but since both of our bathrooms have windows, the hallway seems like the safest place.

This was the scene at 10 PM.

Brendon missed all the fun! He was traveling for work. How does he always miss the tornado sirens? Really, not sure he has been here once when I've had to get Lilleigh, Sammy, and myself in the hallway...

The good news is that Lilleigh actually slept until 9:15 this morning, when I woke her up! She's sorta  late …

Baptism Sunday

I'm behind, as is my new normal! But I wanted to share some photos from when Brendon and I were baptized a few weeks ago!

We believe that Scripture supports believers baptism as an act of obedience and submission and a profession of faith. And though we've both been believers for many years, neither of us had been baptized with that specific intent. Brendon had been baptized as an infant, so he really want to be baptized again as an adult as a profession of faith, by his own choice. And I had actually been baptized when I was 6, and while I know I truly believed in Jesus, I am doubtful that I understood my own sinfulness and need for a savior. Regardless, I do remember very clearly wanting to be baptized so that I could have God-parents just like my brother Austen. Ha. Not really the reason to be baptized! 

Baptism Sunday at our church is a big deal. Though you can be baptized anytime throughout the year, there's one big baptism event each May. Baptism occurs in the pond,…

Baby Girl's Name

Hi friends! Just wanted to share with you Baby Girl's name!