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The First Pregnany Update: 14 Weeks

Since I am FINALLY starting to feel better, I thought I'd give a pregnancy update!

I am now 14 weeks and definitely showing. I haven't gotten any "When are you due?" comments though, so I'm pretty certain I'm still in that awkward "Is she pregnant? Does she just need to watch the desserts?" stage. But I know it's only a matter of time!

Sickness As far as sickness goes, I was basically "sick," as in hunger-induced nauseous, every night by 5 or 6 PM, if not before, and on through the night. I am so so so thankful for a hubby that loves spending time with his little girl and can get home early enough to let me retire to bed during those evening hours. We resubscribed to Netflix, and I've been watching Good Luck Charlie, mainly because I've had a few people now tell me Lilleigh looks like the little girl in that show. It's a Disney channel show, but let me just say, I love it. No drama. All funny. All cute.

So how has this pre…

Lilleigh is 2!

I think this photo pretty much sums it up! But a few things not on there...
She's been doing excellent at potty training! She's only had two accidents in the last month, which I think is ridiculous - and awesome! I'm thankful. But totally didn't expect that. I think it's because she's a perfectionist. It's already starting to come out. She gets really upset when she messes up - like when she falls in front of people or something like that. When she had accidents in the beginning, she would get upset about that also. So I guess it's not that surprising.In the last few months, she's had nightmares. She doesn't always talk about what scared her when she wakes up. But she wakes up completely frightened, and if I ask her if she had a bad dream, she will say yes. The other night before bed, we read Going on a Bear Hunt, which I thought was completely harmless, a fun rhyme and story. She LOVED the book, but then she took 2-1/2 hours to go to sleep. And…

Super heroes and tutus, Lilleigh is 2!

Lilleigh is TWO! We began her birthday celebration the weekend before her birthday, and it will continue on throughout the month as every grandparent makes their way up! So fun!! She is one blessed little girl to have so much family that loves her!

We threw a small birthday bash for her at our house. It was a morning play date, complete with breakfast casserole, fruit, and Brendon's amazing cinnamon rolls! All of our backyard play structures (aka day care central), many balloons, and the bounce house, which we borrowed from friends, really made the party for the kiddos. They had a ball. And hopefully all took really great naps!

The theme? Super heroes and tutus, Lilleigh Austen is turning TWO!  All of the kids came dressed in tutus or super hero capes. Kids love dressing up, so this just seemed fun! Plus it rhymed - AND Lilleigh's favorite thing right now is a tutu! So there you have it.

Also I wrote on the evite for kids to each bring one unwrapped children's book instead…