Super heroes and tutus, Lilleigh is 2!

Lilleigh is TWO! We began her birthday celebration the weekend before her birthday, and it will continue on throughout the month as every grandparent makes their way up! So fun!! She is one blessed little girl to have so much family that loves her!

We threw a small birthday bash for her at our house. It was a morning play date, complete with breakfast casserole, fruit, and Brendon's amazing cinnamon rolls! All of our backyard play structures (aka day care central), many balloons, and the bounce house, which we borrowed from friends, really made the party for the kiddos. They had a ball. And hopefully all took really great naps!

The theme? Super heroes and tutus, Lilleigh Austen is turning TWO!  All of the kids came dressed in tutus or super hero capes. Kids love dressing up, so this just seemed fun! Plus it rhymed - AND Lilleigh's favorite thing right now is a tutu! So there you have it.

Also I wrote on the evite for kids to each bring one unwrapped children's book instead of a gift. Then when they got to the party, they put the book in the bin, and when they left, they took one out. We didn't end up with more toys (which we definitely don't need!), and everyone got a surprise to take home! We love books around here, so I loved this idea. I'm sure we will do it more in the future.

As you can see, the kids had lots of fun! More on Lilleigh turning 2 soon!


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