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Adeline's birth story, part one

For the last two weeks of pregnancy, I longed for Adeline to come just a tad early! I didn't think it would happen necessarily, but I was so over being pregnant and ready for her to debut.

My doula had two clients with August due dates. The other was due almost 3 weeks before me, but due to circumstances, the doctor felt sure her baby would arrive 3 weeks early. Well 5 weeks passed and here she was 2 weeks past due, not quite a week before Adeline's due date. (You see where this is going?) 
She was being induced Thursday the 15th, but induction didn't take, which meant Friday they would try again. I was desperate to get Adeline out, but since I really wanted my doula Jen to be able to be there, I promised myself I wouldn't do anything dramatic to precipitate labor. Well, lo and behold, around 2:45 on Friday morning I woke up feeling light cramping.
I figured the cramps were Braxton Hicks, which I had been having for days, always just for a bit at night, that were becom…

One month

Adeline is one month!! It seems like she's been here so much longer! Here's a little update of life with Adeline!
At her one month appointment she was 9 lb 8 oz (60th percentile) and 22" (90th percentile). She scored an A+ and really impressed NP Christie with her growing!

Adeline loves her sling and naps really well in it. The brand Lucky-Baby is my favorite thus far. It was with Lilleigh too.

She actually seems to enjoy bath time, as long as she's covered by the warm wash cloth. Can you blame her?

Adeline is a tummy sleeper! She wasn't sleeping as well on her back, so I flipped her. She loves it.

She started out in the moses basket in our room and was quickly moved to the bathroom because she's so loud. Now she's in the crib in her room and sleeping like a champ - 4 to 6.5 hour stretches! I am seeing some pattern in her naps and feedings, but over all they are still pretty unpredictable. 

Lil loooves being a big sis! She has been a big help, and I am su…