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Adeline at 4 Months

Adeline is 4 months old! It is both hard to believe she is so old and hard to believe that just over 4 months ago we had not even met her! Life without her is such a distant memory. Labor isn't a distant memory though, so grandparents can stop hounding me for another grandchild anytime soon!

That said, I think Adeline is the perfect baby! I know, I'm biased. But that's how moms are supposed to be right? Here's a little about Adeline at 4 months...

I'm going by memory for our doctor's appointment yesterday. She's 24.5", which puts her in the 50th percentile for height, and 12 lb 10 oz, which puts her in the 20-something percentile for weight. Lilleigh was always 90th percentile until age 2, when she fell to 40th, and I think she was somewhere around 30th percentile for weight. So that's how the sisters compare.

Adeline's schedule looks roughly like this:
Between 6 and 7 AM - Wake to feed. Then back to sleep.
9 AM - Up for the day. Feed.
10 AM t…

Dallas Icemageddon 2013

Thursday night freezing rain pounded the metroplex. At 12:30 AM our power went out. So by 3, when our house was freezing, Brendon headed for Walmart to look for a generator. Apparently 24 hour Walmart doesn't have them though. And the metroplex sold out of what was left a few hours later anyhow. Adeline woke up at 4:30 cold. At 5:30 our power came back on. We had a couple more bouts of power shutting off throughout the weekend. Friday morning we had a nice blanket of ice!

On Sunday we finally reached above freezing just barely. And only for a couple of hours. The parking lot was an ice skating rink though, so church was canceled. They did have a streaming service though online - how convenient is technology? 
Schools were closed Friday and Monday. Temps got up higher Monday and Tuesday in the afternoons, making the ice start to melt. Grocery stores are sold out of produce, and many took all refrigerated and frozen foods off the shelves due to lack of power.
When our power went off…

Our Trip to the Dallas World Aquarium

Yesterday we took a family trip to the Dallas World Aquarium! A friend and I had been planning to go together and take our kids. Unfortunately her little guy got sick, so at the last minute, they had to back out. I told Brendon this and tried to figure out a game plan for taking both of my girls by myself... to take the double stroller or the single stroller with Adeline in the Ergo, to take a bottle or my nursing cover... I was determined to go! That's when Brendon said he could actually just take off work in the morning and come with us! How fun was that!

So on a Tuesday morning we went on a family trip to the aquarium. (A total perk of Brendon working for a family-friendly company.) We went right when they opened at 10 AM. There was one field trip there, but since DWA staggers field trip admissions, there was only one at that point and very few other people. So we zoomed through the whole aquarium in 45 minutes... we went "Lilleigh speed," running from one animal to a…

My Little 3-Month-Old Isn't A Newborn Anymore!

It is so crazy to me that Adeline isn't a newborn really anymore! Three months is big time! 

A little about Adeline this month -- She's still a rock star sleeper and nurser. Her schedule is pretty similar to my report at 2 months. Adeline has really put herself on a pretty set schedule. Lilleigh had a set routine, which I think is like most babies. Adeline is almost clockwork. Adeline is very entertained by her big sis! Big sis Lil will come up and talk to her and show her toys while Adeline sits in her bouncy seat or plays on her play mat. Having an older sis to entertain definitely makes my job easier! We have started calling her "Addie" some. Lilleigh started us on the nickname, really.Adeline loves to smile and coo. She is talkative, but honestly I can't remember how much Lilleigh talked at this age to compare and predict if she will be the chatterbox her big sis is. I want to say that she is talkative but not as much as Lilleigh was. Time will tell.She has l…

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween y'all! We enjoyed the day with our princess Snow White and little cupcake!

Every year we celebrate Halloween with our neighbors. We have a pretty social neighborhood, so we do know many of our neighbors. Even still, it's one of the only nights of the year that everyone comes out of their houses and that you can go ring a total stranger's doorbell. And for the past two years we hosted the neighborhood Halloween party as a way to bless our neighbors and really invest in those relationships. This year I gladly passed the baton, given that we have a newborn. And our fellow neighbors did an awesome job with the party by the way! There was even a parade!

Tonight was Lilleigh's first night trick-or-treating. We only went to four houses, but Lilleigh loved it!  Before the first house we went to - Lil's very first house ever to trick-or-treat at - I explained to Lilleigh that on Halloween we can go up to people's doors, and people will hand out candy or …

Adeline is 2 months!

Pardon the photo overload. I limited myself to favorites... but there are just so many!

Adeline is two months! Some highlights of this month...
Adeline is 10 lbs 14 oz and 22-1/2 inches long. Her hair has been falling out (just like Lil's did...) and it looks to me like the hair coming in is light brown. We shall see! She may not be the blondie that Lilleigh is. Too soon to say though. Between 5 and 6 weeks, Adeline turned over a new leaf in sleeping. She slept 6 hours one night and progressed to 10 (!!) by the end of the week! It was insane. And totally amazing. Sure, she's had a few nights of regression, but for the most part, she consistently sleeps 8-10 hours. It's unbelievable. Lilleigh slept 7 hours at 7-1/2 weeks, and I thought that was amazing. Oh my word. Pretty sure Adeline is what the Baby Whisperer calls "angel baby." Love.That said, we have had to sleep train. I prayed a lot about how to best sleep train this child, and it's been so interesting fo…

Adeline's Birth Story, Part 2

Part one here

I woke up Brendon at 5:30 AM, knowing I was in labor. The cramping was enough that I needed to get out of bed because I couldn't rest any longer. The contractions actually seemed stronger laying down. We both began packing a bag for the birth center and a bag for Lilleigh for the day.

Around 6 AM, I got into the bath tub, knowing it would help me to progress. I stayed there for around 30 minutes, after which time I contacted my doula, Jen, to tell her, "Awesome timing I know, but I'm in labor!" She was just pulling out of her garage to go meet her other client at the hospital for the induction. Jen called her back-up doula for the other client, since I was the one actually progressing, and arrived at our house around 7:30.

Between my bath and Jen's arrival, I walked laps around our house. I really wanted to take Sammy on a walk, but it was pouring down rain. I settled for walking indoors. It was fortunate too because at this point I was having to p…

Adeline's birth story, part one

For the last two weeks of pregnancy, I longed for Adeline to come just a tad early! I didn't think it would happen necessarily, but I was so over being pregnant and ready for her to debut.

My doula had two clients with August due dates. The other was due almost 3 weeks before me, but due to circumstances, the doctor felt sure her baby would arrive 3 weeks early. Well 5 weeks passed and here she was 2 weeks past due, not quite a week before Adeline's due date. (You see where this is going?) 
She was being induced Thursday the 15th, but induction didn't take, which meant Friday they would try again. I was desperate to get Adeline out, but since I really wanted my doula Jen to be able to be there, I promised myself I wouldn't do anything dramatic to precipitate labor. Well, lo and behold, around 2:45 on Friday morning I woke up feeling light cramping.
I figured the cramps were Braxton Hicks, which I had been having for days, always just for a bit at night, that were becom…

One month

Adeline is one month!! It seems like she's been here so much longer! Here's a little update of life with Adeline!
At her one month appointment she was 9 lb 8 oz (60th percentile) and 22" (90th percentile). She scored an A+ and really impressed NP Christie with her growing!

Adeline loves her sling and naps really well in it. The brand Lucky-Baby is my favorite thus far. It was with Lilleigh too.

She actually seems to enjoy bath time, as long as she's covered by the warm wash cloth. Can you blame her?

Adeline is a tummy sleeper! She wasn't sleeping as well on her back, so I flipped her. She loves it.

She started out in the moses basket in our room and was quickly moved to the bathroom because she's so loud. Now she's in the crib in her room and sleeping like a champ - 4 to 6.5 hour stretches! I am seeing some pattern in her naps and feedings, but over all they are still pretty unpredictable. 

Lil loooves being a big sis! She has been a big help, and I am su…

Adeline is two weeks!

Adeline is two weeks! Of course, it seems like she's been around way longer too many! My days are loooong. And I feel like I've spent an eternity staring at her. In a fabulous way. She's a sweet babe!

Here are some photos my friend Kim took of Adeline! 

The first week Brendon took off to spend just the 4 of us! Then this last week began the mom rotation. RMom was here. Lilleigh enjoyed time with Mimi, and I loved getting to have a Lilleigh-Mommy date!

Lilleigh has adjusted really well. She looooves her little sissy and totally takes ownership! (In a totally healthy way.) There are lots of hugs and kisses to baby A, as well as sharing her toys. It'll be fun once they can actually play together!
As for Adeline, its fun to observe her and predict her personality. She's only two weeks, so I could be totally off, but here's what I see...  She's very patient. Adeline will let me know when she's hungry, and then she allows me a few moments to finish with Lillei…