Our Trip to the Dallas World Aquarium

Yesterday we took a family trip to the Dallas World Aquarium! A friend and I had been planning to go together and take our kids. Unfortunately her little guy got sick, so at the last minute, they had to back out. I told Brendon this and tried to figure out a game plan for taking both of my girls by myself... to take the double stroller or the single stroller with Adeline in the Ergo, to take a bottle or my nursing cover... I was determined to go! That's when Brendon said he could actually just take off work in the morning and come with us! How fun was that!

So on a Tuesday morning we went on a family trip to the aquarium. (A total perk of Brendon working for a family-friendly company.) We went right when they opened at 10 AM. There was one field trip there, but since DWA staggers field trip admissions, there was only one at that point and very few other people. So we zoomed through the whole aquarium in 45 minutes... we went "Lilleigh speed," running from one animal to another. It was pretty great to see it all with no lines!

Lil loved the alligators!

Adeline slept most of the time in the sling. Good baby!

 I love this photo of Lilleigh looking at the turtles and fish that are bigger than her!

And the shark tunnel is pretty fun too!

And y'all, Adeline actually let ME feed her a bottle! Wow, night and day difference between Lilleigh and her in the whole bottle domain. Way to go, Addie!

I'm hoping to go again, since we have a membership that will expire at the end of the year. We haven't gotten to go as often as I had hoped, since I was pregnant {aka exhausted} or had a newborn {aka hands full} all year!

Lessons learned from our aquarium outing...

  • Taking both girls alone someplace like this is totally doable. However, taking both to the aquarium again by myself, while totally doable, might be challenging. Adeline loves to be in the sling. Not a fan of the car seat. And seeing the animals and fish really requires a good amount of lifting up Lilleigh to see. So next time, if a friend isn't with me, I will probably use an awesome neighbor from our babysit co-op to watch Adeline, while I take Lilleigh solo to the aquarium.
  • Also going at 10 AM on a weekday is definitely the time to go! No lines. Minimal field trip kiddos. By 10:45, there are many more kids there. 
  • Bring cash. I forgot cash for parking. If you pay by credit card, you pay more, park in a fuller lot (though not at 10 AM...), and stand in a long line to pay (even at 10 AM...). With cash, there's no line, pretty much ever.


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